Counting and comparing numbers outdoors

Erin, Annabelle and Amelia counted the number of steps across the puddle outdoors. They then talked about who made the most steps and who made the least number of steps. It was a pleasure to stand back and observe them applying their maths learning to their interest areas both indoors and outdoors. How cool is it to be able to explore and apply maths learning whilst jumping in puddles?

Class 8 enjoyed Sam’s Safari visit

Today KS1 enjoyed a visit from Sam’s Safari.  They got to meet 10 animals up close and were able to touch them all if they were brave enough!  They met a giant millipede, Sally the African snail, a tortoise called George, a turtle, two different gecko species, ‘Twiggy’ the stick insect, ‘Fidget’ the tree frog, a snake and finally ‘Henrietta’ the chicken!  Lot’s of great learning took place.