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Class 10 have made a fabulous start on their work for their learning exploration. They are now whizzes on google docs! They worked so well in their groups and produced some amazing work. Both Mrs Clay and I are extremely proud!

dancing super stars

Class 10 are super proud of Charley and Ava who have been participating in dancing comps the last two weekends. The girls have achieved a first and two thirds which is amazing! Well done girls- £100 class cash each!


Please keep sharing your out of school achievements with me!

Literacy Labs last week

Last week Class 8 worked well collaboratively in their theme linked literacy labs sessions.  They completed reading comprehension, read descriptions of castles they then had to draw and worked in teams to build a castle with a working drawbridge.

Phonics – Phase 5

This week in phonics we have moved onto Phase 5.

I have added a video below which gives a really good explanation of the Phase 5 sounds, this week we have been focusing on ay, ou, ie and ea.

Could you write some words with your children that contain these sounds? Maybe your children could highlight the sound within the word. They can do these in their homework books and I will give out house points.

Thank you for your continued support

Mrs Wallace

Fun with Phonics

This week in nursery we had lots of fun taking part in wiggle and squiggle! Pop on the radio or your favourite music or song and write away! Let the music take control of your body and your pen and have fun mark making as big as you can!