Dan the Builder in KS1

Dan the builder came to visit the KS1 children last week to talk about how houses and other buildings are made. He talked about the different materials needed to create a house and what they were each used for. All of the children and staff loved his visit and found out lots of interesting facts. Thank you Dan for taking time to visit us!

If you can tell your teacher something you learnt from Dan or an interesting fact about materials used to build a house, you will be rewarded with 10 house points!


Big Thank You

Big thank you and well done to our year four children who went to Robin Wood.  You all achieved amazing things, challenged yourselves, showed fantastic team work, solved problems and more importantly faced your fears.  We are all so very, very proud of you and would like to thank you for an amazing weekend away! Have a lovely half term and enjoy a well deserved rest!

Take a look at our class blogs to see our amazing achievements: