1. Becky Jones

    Imogen will be attending from Monday 18th may as agreed with miss salter.

    • Thanks for completing the survey Mrs Jones and confirming your situation for provision.

    • Lisa Hallam

      If possible could you please telephone me, so that I can explain our situation in more detail ?

      Thank you.

  2. I am unsure about what to do. I need questions answered before I can give my answer.

    • Please can you complete the questionnaire as if you are happy with all the measures we put in place. Without the knowledge of the demand on us as a school we are unable to plan effectively for the students we will be educating. All details of our plans will be communicated as the days progress and further guidance becomes available from the government regarding the 5 tests and reopening of schools. We are trying to plan for a ‘highest demand scenario’ so completing the questionnaire will really help us to offer to all those who need / want to return.

  3. Macey Finch

    I am unsure what to do as in my eyes it’s to early to be going back to school.

    • Please can you complete the questionnaire to let us know so we can plan for a ‘highest demand’ scenario. If you choose to keep Macey at home you will not be penalised by the school and we are continuing to provide online learning for those who are choosing to remain at home.

  4. Emilea Read

    I won’t know a definite answer until I hear back from my work. We are currently working on an 8 week rota but that may be about to change if we are allowing year 10 pupils back in to our school. I have filled the survey in to day she will need everyday but this is only a worse case scenario until I know more at which point I’ll email with an update.

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