Oliver’s Sock Puppets


Oliver has been very busy at home this week making some wonderful sock puppets to go on our jungle display. Well done Oliver! We love seeing the amazing home learning you are busy doing.


Please remember everyone to read 3 times per week at home and log it in your reading diary. Every time you read you will be rewarded with 5 house points.


The wonder of critique…

Yesterday, the children in Class 6 created some wonderful jelly fish drawings through the power of critique. The children looked like scientists at a photograph of a jelly fish and carefully had to draw it. We looked at pattern, shape angles and lines. The children were given opportunity to reflect and peer critique each others work to enable them to edit and improve.

Well done to all of you for trying so hard and looking carefully just like scientists and artists do!


Marvellous Maths in Class 6!

The children had a wonderful time working collaboratively in maths today. They used large pieces of sugar paper, felt tip pens and 100 squares to help them write their numbers. They were excellent at checking if their number formation was correct against the 100 square.


I wonder…Can you have a go at writing your numbers at home and bring them in to show me?


Mrs Hay 🙂


Class 7 Loved Den Day!

On Friday Class 7 had the best day creating Dens for Save the Children. The children worked brilliantly together as a team to build dens and then wrote to a local school to explain why Den Day is so important. The children had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed working in their new hideouts (I loved it too!)

Mrs Hay 🙂


Water Cycle in a Bag!!

How do Class 10 learn about the water cycle? By creating it in a plastic bag of course! We have created perfect miniature climates inside clear plastic backs and attached them to the window.

As the sun shines through the window, it heats the water allowing it to evaporate into water vapour. As it cools, it condenses back into water droplets – in a clear demonstration of the water cycle!! See if you see it working!

IMG_3069 IMG_3068 IMG_3067 IMG_3066