Dan the Builder in KS1

Dan the builder came to visit the KS1 children last week to talk about how houses and other buildings are made. He talked about the different materials needed to create a house and what they were each used for. All of the children and staff loved his visit and found out lots of interesting facts. Thank you Dan for taking time to visit us!

If you can tell your teacher something you learnt from Dan or an interesting fact about materials used to build a house, you will be rewarded with 10 house points!


Ava’s Award-Winning Dragon!

Well done Ava!

Ava’s amazing design has been selected as a winner from lots of entries from all over Doncaster, in the Doncaster Book Award ‘Design-a-Dragon’ Competition. Ava put lots of effort into her Dragoon design at book club and at home and her design has been chosen as a winner by the Book Award Committee! Ava has now been invited to a ceramic arts day with a professional artist during half term, where she will be able to bring her design to life and make her dragon design out of clay!

Ava and her winning dragon!

Congratulations Ava – I’m sure you’re going to have an amazing time!


WH Brown Quiz Winner!

Emily-Rai won 1st prize after taking the WH Brown quiz. We all learnt lots of interesting facts about Thorne from their visit the other week.

We are so excited about our learning exploration!  Watch this space for our collaborative work with WH Brown…

McDonald’s Visit

Mike, the owner of the Thorne branch McDonald’s came to visit KS1 today to inform the children about why he opened a restaurant business in Thorne and why it is a huge success in our town.

The children asked some excellent questions and now have lots of great information to support their learning exploration work.

A huge thank you from us all at Green Top to Mike for giving up his time and coming to visit us today.