XPOSE 2019

What an absolute privilege to be able to take these students and staff to the xpose conference today. They shared their views and experiences in their workshops ‘we are crew too’ and ‘why is Green Tops roof Green?’

If you’re on Twitter please see the #xpose2019 for all the coverage of a truly amazing day.

The children who participated in the Doncaster Rovers ‘Play on the pitch’ tournament have made me extremely proud today. Not only did they play excellent football but kindness, determination and teamwork was demonstrated throughout both teams. In class we talk about how important crew is and why it is important to be part of a crew; today 16 children used those skills to be, frankly, incredible role models.

Both teams played dazzling football and really stuck to the task. Green Top team 1 managed to reach the semi-finals of the tournament, only conceding 1 goal in 7 matches (placed 3rd out of 40 teams)

A special mention to Louis-John who played as our target man striker and scored a hattrick in one game.

Thank you Y5/6 footballers and to Kelly Jackson-Powell at Doncaster Rovers for inviting us to this event.


Y6 Easter Revision

If you have time spare over the holidays, please login to Frog Learning and have a go at the tasks I have set you. I have assigned you a range of activities; please choose activities you want to work on (there are tutorial videos to help you too!)

There will be a treat on the first Tuesday back for everyone that has completed at least one assignment!! Please comment below and let me know how you get on!

Good Luck!

Mr Mumby


Class 15 take part in Diversity Week!


Class 15 had great fun during Diversity Week. We made our own self portraits using oil pastels. We learnt how to use the pastels and the effects that we could achieve with them. We explored light and dark, colour and layering before we attempted our final piece. After that, we considered our backgrounds and how they could reveal our personalities and uniqueness. I must say, the final products are truly amazing and they are of the highest quality. It was brilliant to see how the children developed and improved their skills with this material over the week as well as using the sketching skills that they had already developed with Mrs Green.


I have been made aware of a potential closure of the memorial park due to the forecast of high winds.

The Thorne Moorends Town Council Facebook page states

‘Current forecasts suggest that we may experience wind gusts of up to 56mph overnight and tomorrow. If such winds do arise, due to the high number of trees in the park we may need to close access to Thorne Memorial Park for safety reasons. Access to the café however will be maintained. 

We know that a number of parents use the park as a shortcut to Green Top Primary School so please potentially plan your journeys on the basis that access to the park may be restricted.’