Class 9 – comparing UK and Svalbard

The children loved this! They were able to really apply themselves in their groups to support each other in various ways, reading, language, vocabulary and understanding. It was lovely to see and hear the focused discussions around the room! Not all beautiful work is written down! Amazing work everyone.

They compared population, education, agriculture, travel, geographical location, weather and climate! Ask them at home,.see what they can tell you about their discoveries!

Class 9 – magnets and magnet art

The children were investigating with magnets today and understanding how magnets attract or repel each other. We also investigated different metals, now understanding that not all metals have a magnetic property.

After investing we took to being creative, using magnets, metal objects and ball bearings as well as some paint to create an abstract piece of art of the Northern lights.

Class 9 – polar bear word clouds

We had a look at some already made climate change word clouds and we looked into the vocabulary within each picking out suitable ones for us. We then extended our vocabulary by using a thesaurus to gather our own words, which could either be up levelled or ones which were more child friendly. The children then listened and watched me model how to create our own and what the purpose of a word cloud was and I couldn’t have been anymore proud of them! They did an amazing job all on their own and the final ones are just beautiful!

Class 9 – polar paw prints.

Immersing our classroom and learning new art techniques…bonus! Pressure blends, white blends and scraffito. The children then applied these new skills to colour in a polar bears paw print, using inspiration from the northern lights! Here they are at work and some final pieces!

Class 9 get crafty!

This week we are immersing ourselves into a polar bears environment and working really hard to use lots of different skills and materials. Today we are writing poetry all about the beautiful animal but we are learning that they are in danger…

I can’t wait to continue our crafting journey and find out even more about polar bears, we might even find out how we can help them!

Y3/4 Presentation of Learning

Don’t forget out Year 3/4 presentation of learning is on Thursday 7th December.

The children will share their learning and their website with you in a coffee afternoon style drop in between the times of 2pm – 3pm.

If you are attending, please arrive through the Ash Tree Road entrance at the hall. If your child has siblings in school, you will not be able to collect them until 3pm as normal so may want to arrive at the drop in a bit later.

Your child will only be in the hall if they have an adult present so if you are unable to attend but would like your child to share their learning with an adult of a friend, please arrange this with class teachers.

We look forward to seeing you soon!