Do we have the next England number 1?

Class 16 had a great time on Friday afternoon. We used the new tennis equipment to learn new skills required to play a game. The children particularly enjoyed a balance game with a twist; they had move around with a ball balanced on racket whilst other children tried to knock their balls off balance! Great work class 16, I’m sure we do have England’s next number 1 tennis player!

Stars of Class 10!

Today, we were visited by Kirsten & Vanessa from Channel 4. They are producing a programme about what the children want to be when they grow up. Children in Class 10 had some great fun in their drama workshop, playing games and then telling the ladies what they want to do when they are older. Some children from our class were lucky enough to receive a letter to complete the next stage of the process. Wouldn’t it be great to see our children on TV?