Impact of Snow on Green Top

The following arrangements are put into operation at Green Top, during days when we experience disruption caused by severe snow or extreme weather.

  • A text will be sent to parents by 7.30am if the school is going to close
  • The closure will be also be posted on the school website.
  • If conditions deteriorate during a school day a decision may be made to close the school early. A text will always be sent parents to inform them of any changes and arrangements for early collection to be confirmed. 
  • If you do not hear from the school then assume it is a normal day and we are OPEN
  • If we are open but pathways and drives are of concern, then we will send a text requesting support from parents to help Alan to clear these areas.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Aspirations week

Class 13 have had a fantastic week learning about lots of different careers, lifestyles and aspirations! It’s been lovely finding out about their families and dreams for the future.  I’ve been so proud with how they’ve welcomed visitors and the excellent questions they asked.  Well done Class 13!

Weekly phonics challenge (2)!

This week in phonics we’ve been looking at vowel sounds in words. So far we have looked at

ai (as in rain)

ee (as in sheep)

igh (as in light)

oa (as in boat)

oo (as in book but also as in cool)

or (as in fork)

Can you identify the vowel digraphs in these pictures…maybe you could write the words and send me a picture (


Miss Salter

Good afternoon, after clearing the snow and ice from the paths, drives and car parks and checking the weather forecast, I am pleased to say we will be open tomorrow. However there will be no after school clubs tomorrow, the school will close at 3pm.

We will have World Book Fancy Dress Day as well tomorrow, a chance for children to dress up as their favourite character from their favourite book. Please ensure the children come to school with hats and gloves as well as a warm coat.

Thank you for your support with all the disruptions.

Weekly phonics challenges

As part of our continued support for phonics and reading strategies to try at home. EYFS staff will be setting weekly phonics challenges via the website. If you comment or send a photo/message via email ( to Miss Salter your child will receive 10 housepoints!

Have fun!

This weeks phonics challenge is below

Look at the pictures – can you identify the sounds in these words? Maybe you could write a list?

March 1st – School Closure

After consultation with fellow Headteachers in the local area due to the severe weather forecast and safety of travel for all, I have reluctantly decided to close the School on Thursday 1st March. I apologise for any inconvenience this causes. A text will be sent about Friday 2nd March. Please encourage your child to log onto I am learning, after they have enjoyed the snow.

1pm Closure due to Snow

After an heroic battle by Alan, the parents who helped with clearing the paths and drive and of course the staff who have travelled the width of the county we have managed to have a successful morning of learning. However the forecast has changed and we will be closing the school today from 1pm. We will remain open until parents have made arrangements for collection. Please collect from the usual playground doors.

Do we have the next England number 1?

Class 16 had a great time on Friday afternoon. We used the new tennis equipment to learn new skills required to play a game. The children particularly enjoyed a balance game with a twist; they had move around with a ball balanced on racket whilst other children tried to knock their balls off balance! Great work class 16, I’m sure we do have England’s next number 1 tennis player!