Impact of Snow on Green Top

The following arrangements are put into operation at Green Top, during days when we experience disruption caused by severe snow or extreme weather.

  • A text will be sent to parents by 7.30am if the school is going to close
  • The closure will be also be posted on the school website.
  • If conditions deteriorate during a school day a decision may be made to close the school early. A text will always be sent parents to inform them of any changes and arrangements for early collection to be confirmed. 
  • If you do not hear from the school then assume it is a normal day and we are OPEN
  • If we are open but pathways and drives are of concern, then we will send a text requesting support from parents to help Alan to clear these areas.

Thank you in advance for your support with this.

Improved handwriting in class 7

We are having a huge push on presentation and handwriting at the moment in class 7 and these three children in particular have improved so much already!!! I can’t believe the difference in under one half term!

Keep it up!

Mrs Shaw x

Literacy labs this week

Wow! Children in class 7 have worked so hard to show the best learning behaviours and independent learning during our literacy labs this week. The reading groups that have worked with me to read and follow instructions have made some great puppets.

The rest of the class have created their own drawings of a dragon and written words to describe their own dragon. One group used our play dough and straws to create dragons that had long necks with spikes down their backs and could stand on its feet solidly.

I am super impressed with all of your creative ideas!! Well done!

Mrs Shaw


Guided reading group

This group of children did an amazing job at independently reading and following a set of instructions, which involved drawing features of a knight onto a body. What amazing results they had! Just look at the focus on their faces…fantastic guided work and reading guys!!!!

Mrs Shaw

Proud peer critique in class 9

We looked very carefully at how to get the most out of peer critique and class 9 didn’t disappoint. Even though it was their first time using the year 3 rubric they gave it their best! I am looking forward to catching some more of their discussions as time goes on. Well done class 9 I’m very impressed!