Is there a TV star in class 8?

Today two ladies visited school from channel 4.  They are making a programme about what children want to be when they grow up and it will show children going into work places and being the ‘boss’.  The children in class 8 had lots of fun in their drama workshop, enjoying playing games and then telling the ladies what they would like to be when they grow up.  Some of the children were lucky enough to be given a letter from the ladies to ask their parents to contact them about moving on to the next stage of the selection process. Could there be a TV star at Green Top?

Watch out Little Mix!

I had the pleasure of taking 3 very excited children to XP, to record our learning song in the official recording studio used by Sine FM. This is  where they broadcast the community radio from the school. It was amazing to share this experience with the children. These 3 children were chosen due to their fantastic progress last term, their attitude to learning, confidence and attendance.

What an absolute delight!