Our first Learning Exploration!

A great night was enjoyed by all last night as Year 5 & 6 celebrated the successful completion of their Learning Exploration ‘How do you think we will evolve?’  Learning throughout the theme came together to produce our first ever published book!

Thank you to everybody who attended our book launch last night and of course well done to Year 5 & 6 on producing a fabulous book which will be enjoyed by many.

Den Day 2017

Class 12 are really enjoying den day especially as the sun has come out! The children are working in teams to create a their den to read in. Thank you to all parents who kindly donated items for the children.

Sing Out 2017

Wow! What a fabulous evening that Year 3 and the Choir had at The Dome last night for the Sing Out show 2017!

The children had such an amazing time singing alongside lots of other schools that were from in and around Doncaster. They showcased their singing voices beautifully to their families and friends, and even did some fab actions to match (we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did)!

The children really did our school proud!

Well done, and we can’t wait for next year already!!!


On Wednesday Year 5 and 6 recreated their gum boot dance to help secure Frank Lampard for the Eve’s Trust charity football match, in which Mr Mumby will be taking part.  The children all wore a ‘Frank Lampard’ mask and took part in a series of chants.  We can’t wait to see the video, which we hope will help raise money for this cherished charity.


Gum Boot 1 Gum Boot 2




Class 12 are planning a holiday to Greece!

IMG_3748 IMG_3752 IMG_3755

In numeracy, class 12 have been tasked with planning a holiday for a lucky celebrity. The children were given a strict criteria and a budget of £4000! Class 12, used various internet sites and used mathematical methods to carefully select flights, accommodation, a hire car and at least 2 activities. Some choose to hire Lamborghinis and then stay in cheap hotels whist others chose 5 star hotels and VIP tours 😎. As you can see in the pictures; they all did a great job and thankfully stayed within budget!

Green Top’s Learning Song

During Arts Week, the entire school came together to produce this music video. Thanks to all the staff involved, especially Mrs Close and Mr Mumby. Enjoy!
Sing along with the words:

Using our new Chromebooks!

Class 12 are making good use of our new chromebooks to research facts about Ancient Greece 🇬🇷. The children have been given a range of facts and they must use the chromebook to find out if the fact is true or false! 

IMG_3718 IMG_3720 IMG_3721

Leeds Museum

IMG_3639 IMG_3640
We have arrived at Leeds City Musuem. The children are currently exploring the ‘Our World’ section- creating a story about the animals coming to life. We are looking forward to our Greek Workshop this afternoon.