Mr Butler’s Update

Dear Parents and Carers of Green Top

It’s been a very eventful year. A year which has resulted in many amazing learning memories; Look North debuts, Calendar creations, Signs to support children being safe and the creation of the Thorne Park A to Z treasure hunt. Our Phonics scores were the best scores ever in Y1, EYFS outcomes continue to improve and the Y2 and Y6 children made good progress in their SATs.

As you know its also been a year of growing the XP Schools Trust. We started September with three Schools in the Trust; Green Top, XP and XP East. We end the Year with the addition of Norton Infant School and Norton Junior Schools, with Plover Primary School joining us in November. As we said two years ago, this growth will support Green Top in many different ways. We have already been able to improve our curriculum by working with teachers in XP and have supported our leaders by offering them new experiences at Plover Primary School.

I would like to say thank you to both Miss Salter and Mrs Ogle for stepping up to Head of School positions both here and at Plover. Miss Salter has been the figure head of this school this year and I am sure you will agree has supported the whole community through the tragic loss of our Alan. I don’t think we can overstate how much we still miss him. Mrs Ogle is creating her own piece of Green Top at Plover, supported next year by Mrs Graves and Miss Blackham. Mrs Ogle will continue to improve all areas of the school.

It was due to the amazing numbers of teachers who applied for jobs at Green Top that we could loan Mrs Graves and Miss Blackham. In a time of teacher recruitment crisis, we have bucked the trend with over 40 applicants for our teaching advert. Many of these were experienced teachers who want to work at Green Top and want to work with your children.

Thank you for supporting the school again, family learning, product launches and sports events, you guys are always there in large numbers. Your support for your children results in them blowing away our many visitors who have been to Green Top this year. Amazingly teachers from Liverpool, London, Cornwall, Scotland, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand have visited Green Top this year to look at our teaching delivery, classrooms and curriculum. Due to the great impression that your children have made on them, as teachers we now collaborate with these schools on projects and strategies to improve learning for your children.

So thank you, I may not see you all every day anymore but I am always around.

Have a great Summer, see you at the picnic

Mr Butler

  1. Well done to Green Top on another hugely successful year. I am proud to be a parent from this school and I am happy to see our success go from strength to strength.
    Obviously my focus remains at Green Top and I want this school to continue in growth and receive ‘outstanding’ in the next Ofsted report – which I am sure it will.
    Miss Blackham – you are a huge loss to all the children at this school and Plover’s gain – you will be deeply missed.

    Rachael Martindale

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