Class 10’s greatest show!

Click here to see Class 10’s greatest show!

Class 10 have had a fabulous year and participated in some great learning and they’ve had lots of fun along the way. Mrs Clay and I have loved working with such a fantastic bunch of children. We have watched them grow and we definitely agree that they are now Year 4 ready. We couldn’t end the year without sharing a little video that we have all been working on so please click the link above and enjoy!

Thank you again to the children, parents and carers for making this year such a special one! We will miss them very much but we know they are going to be awesome in Year 4!

-Miss Blackham & Mrs Clay

  1. Miss Blackham/Mrs Clay

    Wow – what an end to what can only be described as the best teaching year I have ever seen – and I have many years experience of this! The smiles on each child’s face says it all. You have both gone above and beyond your ‘job roles’ this year to make it so magical for our children, and as a parent, I have been beyond blessed. From this blog, to The Factory Shop competition, to the GTGT win, to the many sporting activities you organise – the list is endless! The extra time and dedication you both put in, is beyond appreciated. I hope you both continue to shine in your careers.

    On a personal note, the school report you wrote about Sophia was by far the best report I have ever read in terms of individualisation, personalised and detailed content. Sophia comes home everyday and speaks about you both and her academic level has grown so much in a space of a year. My two boys also have a special bond with you both – you go out of your way to make children happy – please don’t ever change your style!

    I literally cannot say enough about you both and I know many other parents have the same opinion – Miss Blackham you are a HUGE loss to Green Top and I truly hope you get the recognition you deserve in the very near future.

    I am sure there will be many tears on Wednesday from children and parents!

    Rachael Martindale

  2. My heart is bursting for 2 very special ladies this year and that is Miss Blackham and Mrs Clay. I don’t actually know where to start with this and I could write about it for days! Together you are the perfect duo and in my opinion Class 10 have been a huge success this year. The learning and confidence you have both brought to that class has been absolutely outstanding! From Parklands visits, sports activities, factory shop comp, talent shows, creating videos and much much more! You have created magic and taught the children in a fun filled positive way and the results and satisfaction from the parents and the children must show that it works?

    Miss Blackham you are my Mary Poppins and you appeared when I think Charley needed somebody to get her the most.

    I hope you enjoy your time teaching Y6 Plover but your missing presence will be felt by all. In a perfect world you will be back at Greentop and we get the pleasure of you teaching the class for their last Year possibly Y6…..imagine how amazing that would be!!!

    Thank-you for not just been a Teacher to my little girl but for been her version of a super hero!

    Best of luck don’t ever change

    Amy Buck

  3. A Blackham

    Thank you both so much for your lovely comments it means so, so much to us! Mrs Clay and I have been privileged to teach your children this year. We have enjoyed our time in year 3 so much and the children will definitely be missed next year. All the children are fabulous and they have truly inspired us to be the best practitioners we can be! I know they will all be fabulous in Year 4 as Mr Oldridge and Mrs roe are amazing and they were both so positive and complementary of the children today (and the children were buzzing too!)

    Thank you both again (and to all parents) for the continued support this year. I know the children will have an equally as fabulous year next year and continue to shine!

    -Miss Blackham 🙂

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