Roman Workshop visit! 🏛️

Well, it is fair to say that Class 10 loved their Roman workshop visitor. They loved hearing lots of new facts about the Romans from Clare and taking part in lots of exciting opportunities. This ranged from learning to march like the Romans would have (using Latin commands) to acting out Roman plays.

Here, Class 10 were preparing for battle by marching and getting into the Testudo (tortoise shell) formation:

We then started to learn some more Latin and translated one of our ‘Slaves’ shopping lists:

Next, we learned about Roman physics and built our own arches and aqueducts. We especially loved this!

Finally, we finished off by writing on Roman wax boards, playing the Roman game of knuckle bones and with a little bit of drama to end the day:

Class 10 would like to thank Clare for their great day! 😆