Roaring success at YWP! 😆

Class 10 have walked for miles and seemed tried after a bus journey, but loved their day at YWP seeing so many incredible animals. We were very excited to get in and start exploring!

We then went to see the lions, but they didn’t like the early start, so off we went to see the polar bears and the warty pigs!

After that, we went to see some of the giant otters, including the baby have their breakfast, the monkeys and then walk with the wallabies!

We then finished off wandering the tigers, the leopard and the giraffes and then finally finished with a workshop on polar bears!

We even cam face to face with a terrifying polar bear!

A huge well done to Class 10 for how they behaved around YWP and a massive thank you for all of our parent volunteers – we really appreciate you coming! 🙂