In light of feedback received from parents of schools within the XP Trust, I would like to refer you to a letter written by the CEO of the XP Trust regarding the Academic Calendar.

XP Trust Calendar

The deadline for comment and critique of the Academic Holiday Calendar will be 12pm Thursday 25th February. If you haven’t already, please use your voice by completing the form at the link above. 

With Thanks

Mrs Claira Salter

  1. I have just read the new holiday proposal but can not see an option of where to send any feedback of which option I prefer. It says there is a survey attached but I can not see it could you point me in the right direction please. Thank you

  2. joanne Hurrel

    When the calendar is issued I book my annual leave to suit, as does my husband. Alongside this we have booked our holidays to suit also. It is highly likely at this stage that our March holiday will be cancelled due to covid. However, if this is not cancelled I then stand to take my two children out of school thus possibly risking being fined for this even though the holiday has been re-booked since last year’s was cancelled. As my holiday allocation is April to April I also stand to waste the last week in March then have to book two additional weeks in April to suit the new proposed calendar. To make my own and my husband’s annual leave suit the number of days required stretch this is already a very tall order. Please let me know when the decision will be made. I have to book my time around my work colleagues who also have children, I do not take priority over them. Thank you

    • Claira Salter


      Holidays in these circumstances will be authorised as stated in the letter at the link above. I am hopeful the final calendar will be published on our return to school next week. I apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused however, it is very important to us to have our calendar aligned to the other schools in our trust. We ask the children and staff to critique daily and respond accordingly, in light of critique offered by parents of schools within the Trust it is only right we respond accordingly.if you’d like to discuss further please do pop in for a chat next week when we reopen.
      Mrs Claira Salter

  3. Katie Fletcher

    I would be really disappointed if we didn’t stick with the original annual leave, or the XP trust ones. The 3rd option is more in line with other schools’ annual leave calendars and we go back to holidays being more expensive again. I think if option 3 comes into place next week a lot of parents will book holidays in the new term time to lessen the cost and it’ll have an impact on schools attendance levels. A lot of parents factored the difference in annual leave as part of their decision to chose the school initially. Keeping my hopes up that option 3 isn’t implemented.

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