Crew Ambler’s Art Day

Yesterday, Crew Ambler enjoyed our art hook. We used a variety of techniques using watercolours. Our favourite was definitely the wax and splatter painting. Well done Crew Ambler.


Year 5 visit to Harry Potter Studios

Please find further information and details here:

Dear Parents, 

We are so excited about our first school trip as year 5 next week to HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR (LONDON)Thursday 16th September 2021. 

We would just like to remind you of the following:

The coaches will leave school at 7.30am – please arrive at your classroom by 7am.

The coaches will return to school at approximately 7pm (we will keep you informed via text).

Please take into account the length of the day we will be out when packing lunches. Children will require extra food in their packed lunch – eg. Cereal bar in the morning, normal packed lunch and a snack prior to leaving the studio plus at least 3 drinks.  Pupils entitled to Free School Meals will be provided with a packed lunch from school including all above snacks.

Children need to wear their school jumper/cardigan and top, jogging bottoms / leggings and comfortable footwear.

We will have the opportunity to visit the Harry Potter Studios shop, we ask that children take no more than £20.  Please ensure that their money is in a named wallet / purse.

Children MUST NOT bring a mobile phone on the visit but they are welcome to bring a camera (they will need to look after it themselves).  They may also bring a book or something to do on the coach that isn’t electronic.

Finally, if your child suffers from travel sickness, please ensure that they take their tablet before arriving at school and then bring one in a named envelope for the return journey.

Yours sincerely

K Overson

Y5/6 Phase Leader 

Year 5/6 Harry Potter Day

Year 5/6 have had an awesome day today!  They started the day selecting their house team from the sorting hat before attending Hogwarts for the day.  They attended a potions class, a transfiguration lesson, played Quidditch, made magic and battled their fears in a defence against the dark arts class!  I can’t wait to see the wonderful videos Mr Taylor and Miss Knowles are putting together……watch this space!