Class 13 have carried out some great critique in writing today supporting each other to add in the features of the writing rubric such as relative clauses, parenthesis and modal verbs! I was really impressed with the standard of critique and the support that the children offered each other.


Watch the video to see some critique in action!

Negative Numbers

Today we looked at negative numbers. Everyone gave themselves a number (either positive or negative) and order themselves in groups. As a challenge, I asked them to order themselves as a class. They succeeded and were very proud!


Roman Numerals

Class 13 have started to look at Roman Numerals up to 1000 and enjoyed making different numbers using lollipop sticks. Making a ‘C’ and a ‘D’ proved challenging!



Reading Predictions

Class 13 enjoyed piecing together the front cover of Kenzuke’s Kingdom today whilst making predictions along the way! The class came up with some really inventive predictions and we can’t wait to explore the story further!