Presenting Research

This week, Class 14 shared their planet research with Class 15. They presented their facts in the style of a lecture and even stood behind a lectern! Well done Class 14 – you were extremely confident!


Roman Numerals

Class 14 had fun this morning using lollipop sticks to make lots of different Roman Numerals. The children were even making numbers in the thousands!

Maths Challenge

This morning Class 14 were tasked with the challenge of choosing a number and then ordering themselves. They were very successful and completed the challenge in super quick time. I was very impressed!


Learning Environment

Class 14 are really enjoying their space themed learning environment which was made extra special by the children during ‘hook week’. The children really enjoy the different break out areas and they are able to become fully immersed in their learning.



Hatfield Water Park

Last Thursday, Year 5 went to Hatfield Water Park and participated in various water activities including: rafting, canoeing and jetty jumping! It was a fantastic experience which we all loved!

The children impressed everyone with their excellent team work, communication and determination. The resilience and team work throughout the canoe treasure hunt was especially impressive and I’m sure lots of the children had aching arms the next day!

The children were extremely brave throughout the day as a lot of the children (me included) were nervous about the deep water but this did not stop them from performing some impressive jetty jumps!

It truly was a fantastic start to the year and the trip will have no doubt created memories that will last a life time.