We solved the mystery!

Thanks to our key witnesses Miss Hilton and Mrs Faulding we managed to narrow down the suspects. It was Mr Ambler who did it. He said he was looking for some paint! He only needed to ask!

A big thank you from the F2 staff to Mr Ambler for volunteering to be our criminal. To thank him we gave him a surprise visit by two police officers and put him in the police van!

We decided to let him out after an apology and a promise to always ask before taking anything! We hope Mr Ambler wasn’t too traumatised by the experience!

  1. Reef is still telling me about the traumatic day you guys have had. It all sounds very exciting. I can’t believe they managed to solve a ‘really’ crime!!!
    Thank you for the amazing lesson. I think the kids will remember this adventure for a long time.

  2. Catherine Woolley

    I had a blow-by-blow account of what you’d been doing from Aidan – he absolutely loved today, thank you!

  3. Sorry F2 I thought I got away with it! Next time i will remember to ask. It was very scary in the police van!

  4. Dennis merchant

    Katie just keeps saying you need to tell mr Ambler off when you see him next because he messed up our class room. Red spot I think ha ha

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