Remembrance in history club

In history club this evening we learned about the different colour poppies used to celebrate the sacrifices made in wars.

The red poppy for servicemen and women from the First World War up to the present day.

The purple poppies are worn for the animals who have died in wars.

The black poppy rose was introduced in 2010 to represent the contributions of the African, Black, West Indian, Caribbean, Pacific Islands and Indigenous communities to wars.

White poppies have been worn since 1933 as a symbol of peace and remembrance.

We made a wreath of the red and purple poppies to display in KS1 corridor as a mark of respect.

  1. Christine Greenley

    Love the wreath, what a great idea to have the different poppies, together. Loved the different information, on all kinds of flowers and what they mean. What a lovely way of showing Respect.

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