KS1 – Phonics sounds and spellings wb 16.5.22

Good morning everyone.
Here are this week’s phonics focus sounds and spellings for each group.

PINK – Phonics sounds -ch as in chick, sh as in ship
Spellings – me, we, ship, shock, shot, wish, chip, chick, rich, 

RED – Phonics sounds – er as in term 
Spellings – me, we, term, fern, farmer, letter, better, under, perch, jerk

BLUE – Phonics sounds – oi, as in boil, ir, as in girl,  ue, as in glue,  aw as in law.

Spellings: Drawing, Awful, Argue , Issue, Skirt, Thirsty, Loyal, Enjoy, Were, you

Any questions please ask
Miss Rodgers x