Club collection points

You should have received confirmation on Friday about your club selections, please contact the office by 3pm Monday if you’ve not had confirmation of your choices. In order to maintain safeguarding expectations we will be dismissing children from the following doors after clubs. Doors will open at 4pm promptly to dismiss children.

EYFS clubs – collection from Nursery please

KS1 clubs – collection from the double doors on the KS1 corridor (currently Y2 classroom entrance)

Y3-4 clubs – collection from the green double doors with the ramp on the Y3-4 corridor (currently Y3 classroom entrance)

Y5-6 clubs – collection from the green single door at the top of the KS2 playground. (currently Y5 entrance)

These doors will be clearly labelled ready for collection from clubs from Monday.

If your child attends sunset club collection from sunset is between 4.15 and 5.30pm from the school hall and charged at £5 per day.


Mrs Claira Salter