A beautiful memorial for ‘Our Alan’

Thanks to all for your attendance today,  a beautiful tribute to Alan Finley.
Alan was an amazing man. More than a caretaker, he was a friend to all staff, a
smile for all parents and most of all a champion for all children. His love for Leicester
City, sketching and horse racing will always stay with us. But it’s his total dedication
to the community of Green Top which will never be matched again. He was a true
Green Top legend. 
A video of the balloon release can be seen with the Leicester City Anthem here… Alan would have loved this!
He will be sorely missed.
  1. Joyce Richardson

    Well done Green Top School for a beautiful send off for Alan, very emotional seeing all them balloons flying high, he will be remembered in so many different ways.
    RIP Alan x

  2. What an amazing man, I will miss my football chats with Alan. He made us all smile. Green top will never be the same.
    God bless and rest in peace.

  3. What a beautiful display for a true gentleman. Alan would have absolutely loved this. Greentop staff and children did him proud today. Forever in our thoughts Alan x

  4. Well done Green Top, a perfect way to remember a true great. Lots of love to all the children, staff and his family xx

  5. A prince among men – seeing that stream of balloons flying up and towards the church made it a well thought out tribute. Rest easy Alan.

  6. he truly was a champion to all children a smile to all parents a friend to all staff and a hero to everyone.he was always here to support staff and children

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