Remembrance parade

Oscars mum shared this photo with us today we are so proud of him talking to us about how he took part in Remembrance Day yesterday with the beavers and to make it extra special he wore his great grandads medals.

  1. Rebecca Scorer

    Well done to himit was a cold day but all the children did so well to stand for so long. I’d like to make a special mention for the Rainbows who attended the parade too from Green Top. Emilea, Aoife and Khaya.

    • Absolutely – they were all amazing… It was lovely to see so many Green Top students!

  2. Mrs Faulding

    Wow Oscar, I am so proud of you! What an amazing way to show your respect and even more so by wearing your Great Grandad’s medals. Thank you so much for sharing these medals with Class 7 last week. You super star!!

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