A beautiful memorial for ‘Our Alan’

Thanks to all for your attendance today,  a beautiful tribute to Alan Finley.
Alan was an amazing man. More than a caretaker, he was a friend to all staff, a
smile for all parents and most of all a champion for all children. His love for Leicester
City, sketching and horse racing will always stay with us. But it’s his total dedication
to the community of Green Top which will never be matched again. He was a true
Green Top legend. 
A video of the balloon release can be seen with the Leicester City Anthem here… Alan would have loved this!
He will be sorely missed.

buns for blue day

Photos to follow…

JJ and Eleanor from Class 5 (Year 1) enjoyed icing cakes for the Blue Bun Sale in Alan’s memory . They included some “A’s” for Alan. JJ said that he felt sad that Alan had died as he wanted to be able to show him the cakes he had made for him 😢 The two of them discussed the fact that Alan was up in heaven with a big brush and a huge bunch of keys!  Alan touched the hearts of so many and is sorely missed. I keep expecting him to be there when we collect the children from after-school club. He often had a chocolate treat for the children but the biggest treat of all was being chosen to accompany him on gate-locking duty…RIP Alan x

Fly high Alan

They say the best are taken too early, and this is certainly the case with you. We want to thank you for making our children smile everyday, you were a huge part of their primary school years and you will never be forgotten.
I could write so much more, but words don’t seem enough, we just wish you were here.
Fly high Alan.
All our love,
The Martindale Family

Thank you Alan

Alan, you were so much more than our Dad’s caretaker, you were our friend and hero. Thanks for picking us up off the floor when we fell off our bikes, for playing football, for making us swords, for bringing us rock and for always helping us. We miss you so much. We love you Mollie and Harry xx

A star for ‘Our Alan’

Having lost Alan this week and seeing the impact it has had on both staff and children, I wanted to do something for everyone to try and make it a little easier. Myself and my husband Steve have purchased a star in memory of Alan. It is for everyone at school, and we named it ‘Our Alan’. I just thought if we all had something we could see to remember him, wherever we are, it could make this sad time a little easier to get through.
Mr and Mrs Stone x

We have created a blog for Alan – if anyone wants to leave any comments please do so.  Miss Salter will upload things sent to eyfs@greentopschool.co.uk also… #Always4Alan