Fantastic Footballers

Well done to the Year 5 and 6 boys who took part in Wednesday night’s regional tournament. 28 schools across Doncaster took part in this event with Green Top coming in 2nd Place overall. It was great to see such fantastic teamwork with children making their team a ‘crew’. It was a pleasure to take you all! A BIG well done to those involved.

Dodgeball, girls football and hockey tournaments coming soon!

Y6 I am learning homework W/C 24th September

Y6 Children!

You will find this weeks homework in assignments (click on the calendar).

All task link to last weeks learning and will help you consolidate your understanding. You will find a range of spelling, reading, maths and theme tasks for you to complete.

Remember, each minute you are on Iamlearning equals 1 housepoint!

Class 15 English Critique

Class 15 worked extremely hard this morning to up level their writing using the rubric. Children worked with their peers to identify the great features they had and features that could be added to improve their work further. It was a pleasure to see such great mentoring and collaboration- Well done class 15!

Outstanding peer critique!

I was blown away with the quality of peer critique in our reading lesson today! The children chose a range of reading domains and made their own questions to challenge a peer to deepen their understanding.