Here is a poem I wrote that you may wish to share as a tribute to Alan

I Am Alan as you all knew
But now I’ve moved on to pastures new

I AM still alive, my spirit is free
Although you cant see me, I am still me

I appear to you now in other ways
& here is a poem so you can relate..

I AM the smile upon your face
I AM the star that shines with grace

I AM the animal you love so dear
I AM the love you give so sincere

I AM the laughter when you’re having fun
I AM the warmth you feel from the sun

I AM the fall of autumn leaves
I AM the soft sigh of a gentle breeze

I AM what I am, & now I am free
I float in the air, no cares for me

I AM a dove, at peace at last
I AM Gods love, not the present or the past

I AM infinite. the light & the dark
I AM free as a bird, I sing with the lark

Please do not Mourne me, let me go
I AM now where I belong, my light will glow

I AM the prayer you say at night
I AM the hug that holds you tight

I AM right here with you, whenever you call
I AM always here, just not in human form

So now you see.. I am never gone
Just call me to you and we are one!

In loving memory

Best wishes

Karen x

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