Play equipment before and after school

Dear Parents,

As you are aware we are allowing the children to use the play equipment during their playtimes, however, this has been included in our risk assessment and is done so in a cautious and timetabled manner to avoid different year groups accessing this provision at the same time. In addition, upon re-entry into school children wash their hands for 20 seconds to mitigate any possible risk from more than one group using the equipment.

There are many children using the play equipment after school, under parent supervision. We request you avoid the use of the play equipment after school in order to minimise the risk between different year groups using the play equipment. This will be discussed with the children in crew circles tomorrow.

We thank you for working with us at this time, to enable us to keep the play equipment open for playtimes and lunchtimes for your children to use.

With thanks

Mrs Claira Salter

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