On Wednesday Year 5 and 6 recreated their gum boot dance to help secure Frank Lampard for the Eve’s Trust charity football match, in which Mr Mumby will be taking part.  The children all wore a ‘Frank Lampard’ mask and took part in a series of chants.  We can’t wait to see the video, which we hope will help raise money for this cherished charity.


Gum Boot 1 Gum Boot 2




  1. Well done to all involved You played as a team and worked hard for each other. You should be extremely proud of your efforts and the way you represented our school! A team of WINNERS!!

  2. Samuel2007

    It was brilliant I really enjoyed that and pleas can mr mumby upload the video
    From sam class 12

    • As soon as it is live from Eve’s trust Mr Mumby will upload the link Sam! Watch this space!

    • Going live tomorrow Sam! Glad to hear that you enjoyed it ⚽️ #lampard4legends

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