May the Force be With You!

Last night, Year 5 celebrated their learning exploration by delivering a lecture to their parents and VIPs! The lecture was held at Trinity Academy and was based on the current theme ‘What Lights up our World?’ The lecture focused on ‘forces’ and was a great celebration of the learning that has taken place over the last term.

The Year 5’s were extremely confident, and their presentation skills were phenomenal! They did themselves, their parents, and us, extremely proud!

Thank you for all that came and supported and we hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!


We held a circle this morning to discuss ‘what does good collaboration look like?’ The children discussed it and came up with lots of positive responses! Here is a list of our ideas aswell a picture of the children looking very pleased with themselves!

Going for Green!

Class 14 have worked extremely hard this morning to improve their touch-downs! They worked with a partner to peer critique each other’s work. In order to help them, they visited different critique stations including punctuation, grammar and vocabulary! Well done Class 14 – I can’t wait to mark them!


Christmas is coming to Green Top

Click the link here to read about all the Christmas events that are happening at Green Top this year.