Roman Numerals

Class 13 have started to look at Roman Numerals up to 1000 and enjoyed making different numbers using lollipop sticks. Making a ‘C’ and a ‘D’ proved challenging!



Reading Predictions

Class 13 enjoyed piecing together the front cover of Kenzuke’s Kingdom today whilst making predictions along the way! The class came up with some really inventive predictions and we can’t wait to explore the story further!



Year 5 Go To Austerfield

All of us had great fun on Thursday at Austerfield Study Centre as we built dens and played games. We worked in groups and worked as a team, developing our concentration and communication skills. It was a great experience and even the teachers enjoyed themselves!

Written by Ava J and Leah


Key Learning Dates 2018/19

Our recent parent working group on the topic of holidays and attendance suggested Green Top publish our key dates for parents. Phase teams will send home details of celebration events and family learning etc but the dates below are what we have already planned into the calendar and which are crucial dates for the school.

To help you enjoy valuable family time we have also arranged our school calendar to help families plan holidays and long weekends together. These dates are: Friday 28th September and Monday 1st October and Friday 28th June and Monday 1st July.

As you know we are have planned a two week half term in the Autumn term, beginning Monday 22nd October. This should allow parents to find cheaper holidays for their families.

Crucial learning dates are below:

Autumn Term

Year 6 Assessment Week – 26th November 2018

Year 1 – Year 5 Assessment Week – 3rd December 2018

Christmas Activities and Performances – Begin 10th December 2018

Spring Term

Year 6 Assessment Week – 4th February 2019

Year 1 – Year 5 Assessment Week – 25th March 2019

Child Led Parent Conferences – Begin 1st April 2019

Green Top’s Got Talent – 4th April 2019

Summer Term

Year 6 SATs – 13th May 2019

Year 2 SATs – 20th May 2019

Year 1 Phonic Screener – 10th June 2019

Year 1 – Year 5 Assessment Week – 1st July 2019

Sports Week – 8th July 2019

Transition Week – Begins 17th July 2019

2018/19 Holiday Pattern can be found here.

Creating Class ‘Norms’

I was extremely impressed with the new year 6’s this morning. They worked in groups to decide on their ‘classroom norms’ and they then presented their ideas to the rest of the class. Their ideas were well thought out and mature. I look forward to seeing children following our class norms this week!