Hook week- walk 2

Year 2 have had an amazing walk around Thorne this morning. We have all found out so much about Thorne’s history with the canal and boat yard, even Mrs Jackson and I have learnt so much and found everything so interesting. We visited the park, walked down the canal to see the lock and we were lucky enough to go into a boat yard and speak to 2 people that make boats and repair them! We walked past the fire station and back into the park to feed the ducks.


A big big thank you to Mrs Robertson for being our tour guide and local historian for the morning she did a great job. Once again thank you to all the parent and grandparent helpers that came with us. Your support is much appreciated and a huge help to us while we are out and about.


We can’t wait to learn more about the historic town of Thorne.


Thank you


Mrs Jackson and Miss Hilton

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