KS1: ‘We love Thorne’

The Guiding Question

Would you like to live in a place like this?

The Learning targets were

  • I can identify and name a variety of everyday material
  • I can describe the physical properties of everyday material
  • I can master the technique of drawing
  • I can identify key human and physical features of an area
  • I can investigate significant historical places in my local area

Our Learning (Case Studies)

We studied the local area of Thorne looking carefully at the past and present time. We used history, geography, science and art to create a brochure of why children with their families should live in Thorne. We expressed our thoughts and ideas through a range of media including internet and book research. We learnt how to collate information to produce a brochure to promote why children and their families should move to Thorne.

Hooks / Learning Visits and Environments

We hooked the children and immersed our classrooms by developing the learning environment to include houses, trees and natural resources to create a park feel. We have also been on walks around the local area and have completed observational drawings of what we saw along with taken photographs.  The children developed their knowledge of the local area by using experts to tell us what Thorne used to be like and the changes that have happened over the years. Experts within the local community shared their knowledge with us as local experts, along with experts invited from the Thorne History Society and managers of local businesses.  As experts, representatives from local estate agents shared knowledge of brochure layout and how to attract buyers attention. 


Our significant assessment of this exploration was to use RUBRIC’s to assess our sketching, locating areas on a map in geography, comparing past and present in history and researching materials in science.  

Final Product

The learning Exploration culminated when we created a brochure about everything we had learned about our own local area.  Our brochure was developed with an expert and a pdf copy shared with the Tourist Board and Local Estate Agents to advertise our local area to prospective house buyers with their families and to share on the Visit Doncaster website.  A small number of brochures were printed and distributed to the Local Estate Agents.

We handed copies to ‘Visit Doncaster’ and had a session with the Doncaster Mayor.

The full digital brochure can be found below: