The Headteacher

My name is Neil Butler and I have the privileged of being the Headteacher at Green Top.

My wife and I have two children, Mollie and Harry. Both my children are very active, so I spend most of my weekends supporting them through their Football and Rugby matches. When I do get a minute, I enjoy playing squash, walking on the river banks and watching as much sport as possible. The family has been added to recently by our new Golden Retriever, Finn. We are all looking forward to this new adventure.

I became the Headteacher of Green Top on January 1st 2012. In that time I have had many fantastic memories and feel I have become part of this very special learning community.

From 2012, the staff, parents, governors and children have worked tirelessly together to create their own set of values and own set of behaviour rules. These values have created a curriculum and these behaviours have developed a special ‘Green Top’ approach to learning.

I am very proud of this school, proud of the staff team we have assembled. This team constantly challenge themselves to improve and make learning for the children even better.

The parents of this school support the children in all their school activities from morning sessions in school, trips, family learning and homework. I am very proud of the relationships that the school has with the parents, this open door policy allows issues to be dealt with in a swift manner and positives celebrated as soon as they happen.

What drives my commitment to improve this school further is the children. In January 2012, we had 279 children, today we have 440. All of these children have inspired me to improve their learning, their experiences and their provision. The children here are special. The diversity of the Town creates a vibrancy, enabling all children to work collaboratively, sharing their learning with everyone in a complete socially equitable manner.

In 2012 we set about creating a school where we ‘inspire all children to enjoy and achieve’, in 2017 we have achieved so much together but still want to our children to enjoy their learning even more and achieve even greater things. This school, still inspires me!