Thematic Curriculum

The most important aspect of our school is the relationships that our
staff forge with our children. Our staff develop fantastic relationships
and these relationships allow the children to enjoy their learning
ensuring they make positive progress across the school.
Our staff have high expectations for all pupils. They have excellent
subject knowledge and plan learning opportunities to ensure individual,
group and whole class needs are met.
Innovative teaching strategies ensure learning is active, fun and
stimulating. We plan lessons which ensure learning happens both inside
in our learning enhanced classrooms and outside in our many outdoor
learning zones.
Our extensive range of ‘new technologies’ develop key communication
skills and foster creativity, a thirst for knowledge and independence.
We have aspirational expectations for all our children and use
sophisticated tracking systems to ensure our children progress. Those
children who need additional support or additional challenge are quickly
identified and effective support is established.
Our dedication to the basics ensures the curriculum is structured
to guarantee that reading is everywhere, writing is inspired and
mathematics is enriches the curriculum.
Physical Education is an important subject for us as kinaesthetic
activities bring out the best in our children, We ensure that the subject
is given quality curriculum time and resources to ensure the children get
a breadth and wealth of sporting experiences.