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Welcome to parents and children considering a place at Green Top

School. We are extremely proud of our school and we hope that these few
pages give you a flavour of what our school is all about, a school where
we as a learning community challenge ourselves by ‘Inspiring all children to
enjoy and achieve’.
Green Top School will provide a safe, vibrant and inspiring
learning environment, allowing the school to work as a community to build
relationships. We will support and challenge our children to take an active
role in their learning, progressing and attaining to the best of their ability.
Through guidance and support, we will ensure our children develop their
life skills so they can contribute positively to a cohesive society.
We want our pupils to leave us as confident children with the highest
possible skills for the future, and we want them to look back on their years
at Green Top having had unforgettable memories and with a dedication for
further learning.
If you would like to find out more about please feel free to contact us
so that we can arrange a visit for you. We believe in the power of the community, as a community we will ensure your child gets the best start possible.

Claira Salter  |   Headteacher

Daily Learning times:

Breakfast Club opens at 7.30 am

School Learning Begins at 8.45 am

School Learning Ends at 3.00 pm

After School Clubs End 4.00 pm

Sunset Club Ends at 5.30 pm

Our contact details:

  1. Natasha chappell

    Looking to move our 4 year old from armthorpe to Thorne. She’s currently in reception and we would very much like to come and have a look round if possible please.

    • I have asked Mrs Clarkson, the school business manager to email you today. I look forward to meeting you and your 4 year old.

  2. Katie Hodgson

    Hello, I’m just wondering if you have any jobs available for a 16 year old?

    • Hi
      Please contact the school office on 01405 813181. Mrs Clarkson would be happy to take some details and let you know if anything suitable becomes available.

  3. Hello, I’m moving back to Thorne and would like my daughter to return to green top. Are the after school clubs every day till 4pm as we would need them to fit around work. Thanks

    • Hi

      We run after school clubs until 4pm and we run sunset club until 6pm. Please contact the school office to enquire about places.


  4. Charlottedyson

    hello im hoping to move to the area after Christmas and i have 2 children. is it possible to look around the school please

  5. Hi.
    My child will come in August. Do you have places for 9 years old girl?
    Thank you

    • Hi thanks for considering Green Top!

      If you call the office on 01405 813181 or email [email protected] our admin staff will be able to deal with this enquiry for you.


      Miss Salter
      Head of school

  6. Hi. We would very much like our son to attend Green Top when he is ready for school and plan to arrange a visit nearer the time. Our after school childcare is grandparents who live in Dunscroft. Do you have a school bus that drops off in Dunscroft?

    • C Salter


      Thanks for considering Green Top. Unfortunately we do not have a school bus however, we do offer wrap around care for £6 per day 7.30am until 6pm. This allows children to be dropped off at breakfast club, attend lessons 9am-3pm and then attend an afterschool club of their choice followed by sunset club for a snack and childcare until 6pm if required, all on school site ran by school staff.

      For any further information please email or class the school office and Mrs Clarkson and her team will be happy to respond. [email protected] 01405 813181.

  7. Lisa Bond


    I am keen for my children to attend your school but we live in Conisbrough (very willing to travel for quality education!) – would it be worth putting in an application or are we too far out of your catchment area? Our son is due to start in a local nursery in September but we were considering home educating instead until we found your school!

    • Hi,

      Please do come for a look round and see Green Top and we can discuss the application process, we currently have spaces for August 2019 starts in nursery. Please also see our admissions policy on the school website for the criteria to our reception class, which will show our criteria for places.

      To book an appointment please telephone 01405 813181 or email [email protected] and Mrs Clarkson will be able to book you an appointment with myself.

  8. Sally MacDonald

    I work for Flying High multi academy trust in Nottingham. I am part of a learning community with 3 other head teaches who would love to come and visit Green Top. Two of us visited XP a couple of years ago and as primary heads ourselves would love to see how the ethos and approach is interpreted at a primary school. I would love to speak to someone about whether this was a possibility.

    • This is absolutely a possibility! We love to work with other schools and trusts as part of our continual improvement, support and challenge. If you email the following address [email protected] for the attention of Mrs Salter we will arrange the visit. Look forwards to hearing from you.

      • I’ve been accepted a place for my son here, I was wondering if there would be any way we get to have a look around before he joins, maybe video form with covid-19 rules.

        • Claira Salter


          I’ve forwarded your query to our nursery teacher who will be in touch via email this week.

          Mrs Claira Salter

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