Purpose of our Curriculum 

The curriculum at Green Top School is three dimensional. In short, our students achieve academic success which is enhanced through character growth and is expressed through the beautiful work they produce. 

Much of our curriculum is taught through cross curricular learning expeditions that are multi disciplinary and wide reaching in their connectivity, contextualisation and relevance.

This is evidenced through our Green Top standards map that outlines the subject specific knowledge and skills that are needed for students to access a progressively demanding curriculum thereby achieving academic success.

The sequence of our curriculum is apparent in our expedition overviews that we have for each phase on a two year cycle. These individual maps allow us to build on highly successful expeditions whilst allowing flexibility and creativity to respond to new opportunities. They also allow us to plan carefully for, and consider deeply, progression.

We formally review each expedition through our Expedition Review process. We rigorously assess the quality of provision in terms of challenge, the acquisition and progression of subject knowledge and skills, the connection of the learning to the world and the academic outcomes achieved by learners. This process allows us to iterate each learning experience by recommending changes and consolidating success. 

Remember, we empower our students to act and impact on the world around them. This is built on the ‘powerful knowledge’ we plan into expeditions to ensure student agency and social equity. We want our kids to make their world a better place!

Our students engage in learning that is made public to heighten accountability. This is manifest in the outward facing work they create which always has a public audience. 

Because student work is relevant, purposeful and authentic, this encourages students to craft their best work and grow their character. Our approach encourages the development of socially responsible citizens who care about each other and understand their agency for positive change in the world. 

Our curriculum is designed to have a positive and enduring impact.