Year 1 online classroom

Hello Year 1


We have set up a new online classroom for you where you can access homework, key information, learning and learning links. All children should have received an email inviting them to join their new classroom. Everyone has a new login for their emails but should have the same password.





Once you have joined leave us a comment on the classroom so we know you have been successful. We look forward to seeing you all there!


Miss Hilton and Mrs Dutton

What a great week in class 5!

A huge well done to Ellie- Mai for being our learning legend in class 5 today. she worked really hard in English writing a sentence about our new class text Emma Jane’s Aeroplane. She used her phonics to sound her words out and was using the image from the book to support her ideas. A great piece of work Ellie- Mai, keep it up.


I am blown away at the learning happening in class 5 this week, we have got so much done! You should all be proud of what you have achieved, we’ve taken on maths, phonics, English and expedition. Your recall skills to link your learning to the rubric in our end of the day crew circles is showing how reflective you really are becoming and it is amazing to see. keep up the good work everyone and enjoy your days off. I cant wait to see what you can achieve next week.


Miss Hilton

Numicon counting

Class 5 have been fantastic at counting the numicon today and ordering them from 1 to 10. We even had a go at writing the numbers under the numicon. Everyone worked so well and I was blown away at how we were coaching our peers who found it a little bit tricky.


Keep up the good work class 5 you are making me feel so proud to be your teacher!


Thank you

Miss Hilton and Mrs Robson


Learning legend

A huge shout out to Isobel for being our learning legend today. She was a connecting Connie in maths this morning. She wrote all numbers from 0-10 correctly and had a go at sounding the number out to write it in words, well done Isobel!


Miss Hilton


Van gough art work


Class 5 have produced some fantastic starry night pictures inspired by Vincent Van Gogh today, they look amazing. Big shout out to Benji for getting the learning legend again today!


Keep up the hard work class 5, I am so proud of you all.


miss Hilton

Tuesday 1st september


Weve had a fantastic first day back after our long weekend in class 5!


Everyone has has been working hard today and it had been such a joy to see everyone’s happy, smiling faces. I am so proud of everyone for doing their best listening and helping each other to tidy up and put things away. Weve had a lovely day listening to stories and drawing our learning aliens.


A huge well well done to Marnie- Rose for being a fantastic role model to our class, I can’t wait to see who gets the learning legend tomorrow.


Thank you


Miss Hilton

Class 5

I am am so proud of class 5 over the last two days! Everyone has come back to school so happy and ready to learn. I am blown away at how well everyone has worked and listened to stay safe at school and follow lots of new rules.


we have been getting to know each other and talking about what we like doing in school and out of school. We have practised writing our names, counting and writing numbers to 10 and 20 and we’ve made some collages of the sun to match our story in English.


I am so proud to be in such an amazing class this year.


Keep it up everyone, I love it!


Miss Hilton and Mrs Robson