Crew Hilton maths morning

this morning in crew we were measuring objects in our classroom to see what object was the smallest And which one was the biggest. Some great teamwork happening with helping to use a ruler accurately. Well done crew Hilton!

thank you


Miss Hilton

Better world day!

Here is our better world pledge poster. We thought about how we could look after the planet and small changes that were manageable for us to complete. We had lots of great ideas from recycling to walking to more places instead of going in the car and turning off lights and computers when we don’t need them.

Great ideas everyone!


Miss Hilton

Food sources

class 5 have been Exploring Eddie’s this afternoon exploring different food sources to find out where our food comes from. We have been talking about producers and consumers and how we all get our energy from the sun.

We still need to work on examples of carnivores, omnivores and herbivores. If you can name an animal for each one you can have 20 HoWL points!

great work class 5!

Miss Hilton

Divine dividing!

this week in maths we have been concentrating on our dividing skills and sharing amounts equally. We’ve really enjoyed working with a partner and sharing out different object.

Great work class 5! Keep it up.

thank you


Miss Hilton

Captain Tom 100 Challenge! 🏅

This Friday, Friday 30th April, marks the beginning of the Captain Tom 100 Challenge which will continue until Bank Holiday Monday 3rd May. 

The family of Sir Captain Tom Moore is inviting the world to take inspiration from his famous 100 laps around his garden to celebrate Tom’s life, his generosity of spirit and the hope and joy he brought to millions.

YOU can join this celebration and take part in the Captain Tom 100 by setting yourself your own challenge based around the number 100!

Let the number 100 be your inspiration and do something amazing, whether it’s..

100 Star Jumps

100 laps of your garden

100 minutes of gaming

Baking 100 cupcakes

Singing for 100 minutes.

We would love to see lots of you taking part and taking lots of photographs of your challenges. Please send any photographs or videos to [email protected] so we can celebrate your contributions on the blog.

Here is a video with more information about the fundraising event.

Click on the link below if you would like to donate to the Captain Tom Foundation: 

I can’t wait to see what you achieve in your challenges!

#CrewGreenTop #CaptainTom100




Our new class text

class 5 have loved discovering our new class text today. We worked in groups and put the front cover together and read the title. Our new books is the lighthouse keepers picnic. We then discussed our ideas about what we thought the story was going to be about.

After that we discussed what we like to eat on a picnic  and we drew this on paper plates and had a pretend picnic. We loved it!

I can’t wait to discover our new class text together class 5!

Miss Hilton