KS1 on the March!

Wow! What a fantastic start to our KS1 expedition … What will I do to be a superhero in my community? All of the children looked amazing in their hero dress-up and we ended the day with a protest to parents against litter on our school grounds. Remember – Pick up litter! Use the bins!
Well done everyone.

Our first week in year 1!


I am so impressed and how grown up our class have been this week. It’s a big change coming into year 1 but we’ve all done so amazingly well. We’ve been kind to each other, helped each other, worked hard as a crew and everyone is showing me how hard they want to work this year!
We’ve been doing lots of art, inspired by Andy Warhol, some self portraits and some counting too! The book we’ve all loved is called The Day The Crayons Quit, and has helped us to talk about our emotions, understanding each other and has helped us to strengthen our crew. We’ve even manage to start critiquing our work. It’s been wonderful hearing the class give each other notices, praises and even some wonders too. Lots of children have been looking out for one another and I’m so proud of class 5!
I can’t wait for see you all flourish and grow, as a crew and individually.


Year 1 Graduation 2020-2021

👨‍🎓  👩‍🎓 Year 1 Graduation 👨‍🎓 👩‍🎓

Congratulations to all the children in Year 1 on graduating today.

You have worked extremely hard this year and we are all very proud of you.


Mrs Burton, Miss Good, Miss Hilton and Miss O’Neill


Leaning towers of crew

Well done to the crew Shaw winners that built the largest tower of shoes today! Some great strategies and discussions were had…super work

Mrs Shaw x

I have been blown away today by the fantastic work that my new year 2 class have produced. Over the last 2 days they have read and discussed the book “Mixed” by Aree Chung, drawn its characters and created a comic strip of the main sections of the story. The work they have produced is really impressive and it has made me very excited for next year!

Well done crew!

Mrs Shaw x

Another fab day in crew Shaw

Today we discussed how to be a great crew member. The children worked in collaborative groups to create a new member of our crew using chalk and paper and they wrote down words to describe what a fantastic crew member would be like.

I can already see that next year is going to be amazing 👏😍

Mrs Shaw x

It’s coming home!

This afternoon in class 5 we have had a go at redesigning the England football badge. We had some great ideas that incorporated British values. Great work everyone. Remember to shout for England on Sunday!!!


class 5 Be Kind!

Class 5 have been working hard this afternoon with Mrs Walton to create some beautiful rainbow paintings.


I think they look fantastic and they have really put a big smile on my face.


I wonder of we will see any rainbows from our windows with all this showery weather were having recently.


Thank you


Miss Hilton



Non standard measurements

Class 5 have all been curious Clio’s in maths today. We have been investigating the length of different objects using non standard measurements. We have loved it!

I am so impressed at how creative we have been when thinking about measuring the same objects with different items and comparing them. Some of us were also estimating how long our object was before we measured it and then seeing how accurate we were.


fabulous work this morning class 5 I can’t wait for the rest of the week.


thank you


Miss Hilton

The United Kingdom

Class 5 have done some great collaborative learning all about the United Kingdom. We have labelled the different countries , their capital cities and identified their flags too. We’ve really embraced our HoWLs with this  task and have been getting smart and working hard.


excellent effort class 5!

Thank you


Miss Hilton