Out of this World

Mrs Clay and I chose Chloe as our ‘Out of this World’ this week.

She always works hard and is kind to her friends. She has been a Motivated Moe this week in all her learning. Keep it up Chloe!

Going Places

This week in English we have been looking at our new class text ‘Going Places’.

The children worked in pairs to piece together the front cover, we then discussed what we thought the book might be about and where they might be going.


Thanks to all who have entered the pumpkin competition. The deadline for entries is 12pm today. Unfortunately any entries received after this time will not be part of the judging. One winner per phase will be announced and all entries will receive a small treat on their return to school next Monday. Details of the competition are below:

🎃🍁🍂Happy half term 🎃🍁🍂

At Green Top we are sad that family learning can’t take place as it would usually in our classrooms and therefore we have pledged to have a family learning activity each half term for the whole school community to get involved with.

The first family learning challenge will be a ‘Carve or Decorate your own pumpkin’ competition. This competition will be judged on 31st October. There can be one entry per child and all entries must be entered by a photograph sent to familylearning@greentopschool.org by the 12pm Tuesday 27th October. As photographs are entered they will be blogged on the website for all to see. All students who enter will receive a ‘treat’ on their return to school on 2nd November.

In addition one winner will be selected from each phase. Winners will be announced on October 31st.

Conversation Starter

Do you ever ask your child what they’ve been learning this week only to get told ‘nothing’ or ‘I can’t remember’.

To try and help with this, each year group will share a specific question each week about that weeks learning to try and help get the conversation going. 

Let us know if it’s useful and helps children talk about their learning. 


Phonics lessons online

Parents of children in F2, Y1 and Y2 may want to explore this website https://lettersandsounds.org.uk/for-home/overview. This website provides pre recorded phonics lessons which can be used to support your children with the phonics screening check which typically takes place in Y1 during the Summer term.  This year our Y2 student are expected to take this phonics check during the second half term.