Wish I could turn back time 🎶

Class 9 have been fantastic at time telling and I think they have learnt so much this week. We recapped ‘o clock and half past, moved onto quarter past and quarter to and today have been telling the time to the nearest 5 minutes.

Keep practicing at home…remember it is so useful to know how to tell the time…well done

Mrs Shaw x x x

Shout outs for class 9!

I am very proud of these three this week! They have a fantastic attitude to learning and have all stood out for different reasons.

Annis is extremely kind and always helps her peers.

Jacob is getting smart and trying to achieve green standard.

Edward ALWAYS works hard and does it with a beautiful smile!

My superstars…I am very proud of you!

Mrs Shaw x

Get your passports ready…

Year 2 expedition morning video


I am blown away by the fantastic learning that has happened in year 2 this morning. Our second case study for our expedition is geography and the children got a chance to try a range of foods from different countries around the world. They explored the country’s flags and learnt how to say ‘hello’.

They also did some research on the countries to record in their own passports and created a mind map of words to describe the food they tasted.

Some foods were a hit like apples and maple syrup but the olives didn’t go down too well!

Super learning today year 2, it was so lovely to see!

Mrs Shaw and the year 2 team x

Super readers!

Fabulous reading in literacy labs this afternoon.  The children I was working with worked so hard to read through sections of the text.  They identified any words they were unsure of and worked collaboratively to work them out.  Once they decoded the words we practiced rereading for fluency and the children then went on confidently to answer comprehension questions about the text.  Keep up the hard work guys!

Mrs Jackson x

Maths Day PE!

This afternoon year 2 enjoyed a maths linked PE lesson. The children had to total their scores from the beanbag game, climb along the trim trail in the fewest steps (or stretches!) and get the most children and most jumps on the large skipping rope.

Class 9 took part with such enthusiasm and we had great fun. It was made even better as we were the winning crew for the trim trail challenge!