Class 12’s learning legends …..

Learning legends today are to all in class 12 who have completed their expedition learning today – I have honestly been blow away by their efforts and response.

Today, we were learning about search engines, how information is found, ranked and then organised for us, all in under a second of pressing enter on what we want to search.  I would have loved to have taught this lesson in the classroom and played lots of practical games to demonstrate how this process works – but thy have not let me down at all!

They have all had to be a Stickability Stan and Exploring Eddies today with this – it was very trick to learn and understand by their selves but they have done the most awesome job!

Here is a small selection of a range of responses from today’s learning!

Class 12’s learning legends today…

Charleigh, Ollie, Jem and Angel!!

Learning legends today have to be for some amazing dairy entries!

Sharing lots of detail and I can tell you are trying so hard to include lots of feelings about your range of experiences! Some amazing examples of Have-a-go Henry and Motivated-Moe here – Great job guys and thank you so much for all your hard work 🙂

New online game!

Can you save the world?
Check out this new game designed to help younger children understand social distancing: highest score is 13,309…let me know how you get on!

Charleigh’s Corona Collection part 2

Wow! Charleigh what a great playlist here for you guys to enjoy. Charleigh has done an awesome job of singing some very gorgeous songs to keep people smiling during Covid-19. With some family appearances and a finale by her brother Jackson. Hope you all enjoy it!


Learning Legends today in class 12

There has been so much fantastic learning today all round in class 12 and I am very proud of you all.  However, I have decided that the learning postcard today will go to both Ollie and Alex for their expedition learning.

They have been a true Can-do-Colin in their learning today about the importance of E-safety and keeping personal information safe and ‘personal’ for a good reason.  They have reflected brilliantly at the end and demonstrated how they intend to stay safe online.

For anyone who would like to watch this E-safety video which is what my class have used today then feel free and share with friends and family.

Internet safety: Caught in the Web – a Newsround Special

More VE day fun!

Brendan and his family have been very busy! They look like they always have so much fun and explore so much together – it is so lovely to see and read about!

I thought I would share the family’s VE day fun with you, afternoon tea, 1940s dress, bunting making, dancing, music, making their own accessories, camouflage play and so much more I’m sure!

Great stuff – so much fun!

Alex’s weekend fun

How peaceful and beautiful!  Family fun with some hiking! – That will definitely blow the cobwebs away! Stunning place and a beautiful valley.  Alex tells me this didn’t even tire him out!  I doubt id even make it half way up – well done Alex, great stuff 🙂

Harry and his family run 5k!

This little man and his family have achieved something quite brilliant and I am so proud 🙂 – running 5k together, NON STOP I might add, and donating to the NHS!

Well done guys, amazing – absolutely loved receiving this email 🙂

Harry has already received his learning legend for this – but felt it needed a share too! Amazing!