Perfect Packaging

This week class 11 have perfected their designs and placed them onto their packaging.  They are all brilliant and extremely well presented. They have absolutely loved this activity and have taken so much pride and applied so much determination to ensure they were the best they could be ready to hand out to our community. Well done!!

Here are just a small sample of how lovely they all are.

Maths for Mr Wonka

In class we had to help Me Wonka today. He was struggling to understand when to use the different methods of multiplication, was it mental, column or simply place value if timsing by 10, 100 or 1000.

Lucky for him class 11 have made and designed him a set of posters to hang in his office to help him understand what method to used when and what it should look like! I am sure these will be a big help for him! Well done guys.

Remembrance in Crew

Today in our morning crew wee looked at what the children new about remembrance Day and then did a little bit of discussion and learning for it – they then we’re able to add to, edit or change their first response altogether by the end. Well done guys.

Designers in class 11

Class 11 this week have been working really hard to design and critique their own and a friend’s packaging design ideas for their chocolate brownies this week. I can’t wait for the final ones to be completely finished.

Bonfire Art competition

Hi all I would like to give a massive shout out to all who have already entered the bonfire artwork competition so far. The amount of entries and the effort that has gone in to them has blown me away!

Deadline for entries is tomorrow and winners announced next week when school council have made their votes!

I wonder how many more we will get?

Good luck everyone🤞😃