The Daily Mile…let’s do this!!!

Today, Year 6 started their day off right!!! We’ve reintroduced the daily mile in to our day as part of our crew sessions.

We want to promote those healthy lifestyles and increase our heart rates after such a long time off from school. After lockdown, we have discussed the positives from running the daily mile such as boosting our mental health, reducing child obesity and giving people the freedom back to exercise outside and be free.

Well done everyone! You all tried really hard and took it at your own pace. We are excited for tomorrow’s daily mile!

#crew #wearecrew


We’ve spent the morning watching and researching the devastating impact of the Australian and Amazon bush fires. In groups, we reflected on the damaging consequences these fires have had on the local people, communities and also its local wildlife.

Children were then tasked with placing themselves at the scenes and were asked to produce a news report. Watch our amazing video clips to see their hard work! You are going to be blown away!!!

I’m so impressed with the level of maturity and sensitivity everyone demonstrated during this task, especially when watching some of the hard hitting videos that are sadly a reality.

A HUGE well done to each and everyone of you for being brave enough to stand up and present this and for also letting yourselves be recorded- it’s not an easy thing to do. For some, this was stepping hugely out of their comfort zones and I am so so proud of you for that! Also proud of the support and encouragement you gave each other. WE ARE CREW!

Enjoy watching everyone!

Mrs Faulding and Mrs Overson 🙂


The day we spent as Geographers!

We had a fab day yesterday in our ‘Geography focused’ hook lesson. We researched the many countries in North and South America; organised them in to the right group and then labelled them on to our own maps. There were A LOT to remember!!

After that, we then went on to investigate human and physical features and what these terms actually mean- I was so impressed by everyone’s understanding after we had covered such a lot in one day. They were able to show off all that they had learnt on their exit tickets, really show-casing their Exploring Eddie attitudes.

Well done everyone! So proud!!

Mrs Faulding and Mrs Overson 🙂

Shout Out for Emily!!

So proud of Emily this week for going home and continuing her learning in her own time!

After learning about The Water Cycle this week, Emily felt really confident in this area and was therefore set a challenge to ‘prove it’. Well, she certainly did that when she returned to school the next day showing a detailed diagram on the whole process that she had done from memory.

WOW!!! Blown away by Emily’s impressive attitude towards our new expedition! Keep it up!!!

Mrs Faulding and Mrs Overson 🙂

The Water Cycle

As part of our new expedition, we learnt about the water cycle yesterday remembering the process and why it happens and also recalling the geographical vocabulary.

We created our own experiments using food bags and water and have displayed them on the classroom windows so that we can see the process ourselves.

Great job everyone!


Mrs Faulding and Mrs Overson 🙂

Time to blast off!!!

Yesterday, everyone worked incredibly hard to produce a fantastic first piece of writing in their English books. It was a piece of descriptive writing about the rain forest which gave children the freedom to use lots of great vocabulary and imagine that they were stood in the rain forest.

Well done everyone on your beautiful presentation! What a great start to your books!

Mrs Faulding and Mrs Overson 🙂

Out of this World

Our first out of this world was Lily!

Lily has made an awesome start to Year 6!

She has a great attitude towards her learning and models this to others through coaching and Crew!

Well done for being an excellent role model Lily!



Motivated Moe Shelby!

Huge well done to Shelby for challenging herself and making a bridge of her own using paper straws. After our crew building task, Shelby was motivated to have another go at this task and try to improve on it compared to her first attempt.

So proud of you Shelby for this and never giving up. This is what we love to see at Green Top- The sky’s the limit with this sort of learning attitude!!

Keep it up you super star!!

Mrs Faulding and Mrs Overson 🙂

Creating ‘CREW’- Team Building Task

Crew Overson were set the challenge of building a bridge by using paper straws. In order to successfully complete the challenge, the bridge must firstly look like a bridge and also be able to hold something with weight behind it.

This task was great to see different personalities working together, each bringing out different qualities within one another and building on these. It wasn’t smooth sailing with lots of groups reassessing their initial plan and altering it where necessary but as part of our reflection, we spoke lots about how we can improve as a crew next time. Overall, it was a fantastic start to our journey and we can’t wait to do more tasks like this.

#crew #wegetcrewrightwegeteverythingright

Mrs Faulding and Mrs overson 🙂


Patterns of the Moon- Crew Overson

Last week, as part of our guiding question ‘Why do authors write about the sun, moon and stars?’ we looked closely at the patterns of both the sun and the moon.

We learnt the names of the moon when it’s in a certain position and why it’s named that. We also created some beautiful Zentangle, patterned artwork that incorporated these patterns of the moon. We were blown away by the children’s focus, patience and concentration when designing these drawings (they are time consuming if you want them to be amazing- which ours are!).

Well done everyone! You were fab!!

Mrs Faulding and Mrs Overson 🙂