Special Visitor! 🔥 👩‍🚒

Year 5 and 6 have been so lucky today by having Firefighter James Fenwick in to talk to them about the devastating fires at Hatfield Moors back in May 2020- this linking to our expedition surrounding Deforestation.

James was one of many of the brave firefighters that worked tirelessly at the moors to combat these fires for 6 weeks and explained to us the effects the fires had on the local wildlife and their habitats as well as showing us lots of different images and explaining his journey on this job; from the start of the fires, all the way through to the end. We were all so shocked at the damage that was caused by a disposable bbq!!

The children had lots of questions for James about the moors fire and found it really interesting hearing the ins and outs of his job role. A huge thank you to him for answering them so well and for taking time out of his busy, important schedule to come and talk through this with us. We really appreciate it!!

🔥 🌲 🦌 🐍




Super sketching today! ✏️

Yesterday, we attempted the first draft of our sketch of a tree which turned out amazing. The children “worked hard” to focus on proportion and using different shading techniques to create a mirror image of their tree.

Today, we peer critiqued our first draft and focussed on how we can improve on this in our second draft.

I’m so impressed with how well the children have listened and taken this critique on board and have improved their sketches tremendously! So many Connecting Connie’s and Choosing, Checking, Changing Charlie’s!!!!

Well done guys! I know it wasn’t easy and it has been a challenge with lots to think about but sometimes we have to grapple with something before we get to the finish line! 🌟

Ryan’s propaganda poster!

Really impressed by Ryan’s home learning this week! He’s created his own propaganda poster linked to Deforestation- it’s amazing!
I particularly like “Deforestation will lead us to devastation!”….so effective!!
Well done Ry and keep up your amazing enthusiasm for our expedition! 🌳  🌟 🌲

Year 5/6 Family Learning

Complete one of the activities from the document (linked below) as part of our Family Learning! Remember to take lots of photos and email them to us so we can create a video of all of your wonderful learning!

All of the activities link to our Expedition ‘How can we help the world we live in?’

We can’t wait to see what you get up to!

Family Learning Menu.pdf



Beautiful Writers ✏️

Throwing it back to our last writing touchdown ⬅️⬅️⬅️⬅️
In order to be successful in a writing touchdown, children need to be focussed and this often is achieved by working in silence so that no silly mistakes are made.
Here you can see children looking back at their edited planning sheets, their remember to lists- always making links between the two!

Mrs Overson and I are so proud of the standard of writing that we are seeing so far this term! Keep it up guys 🌟



Hanging out with Carcroft Primary 🌟

We absolutely loved teaming up with the children in Year 6 from Carcroft Primary School a few weeks ago.

Before the hangout, we had watched a video that they had created which was about acts of kindness and how we can be kind to ourselves and others. Crew Fox at Carcroft Primary had thought of Positive notes and jokes to give to the residents at a local care home which they hoped would raise their spirits during these difficult and lonely times.

We were then asked to critique this for them and to think of an I wonder of what they could do next…we shared our ideas on this hangout with them!

A huge thank you to Carcroft for sharing this with us and letting us be a part of this! You’re all such thoughtful children with huge hearts and gave us lots of inspiration to do something similar.




Animal Classification Experts 🐘 🐟 🦅 🕷

As part of Case Study 2- Biology, Crew Overson spent last week researching different animal groups and each of these groups’ characteristics. They worked collaboratively to sort animals in to the different groups (mammals, insects, birds, fish and amphibians) and discuss key words such as; warm/cold blooded, vertebrates and invertebrates and land/water animals.
Well done guys! I’ve been so impressed by your Exploring Eddie attitudes during this case study and your abilities to give reason why an animal belongs in a certain group.
#getsmart #workhard #bekind