Good afternoon everybody! I hope you have all had a lovely day whether you have been in school or at home! Super learning today and I have been really impressed with the crew learning- Well done everybody!

Critique for today…

I notice. . . great red and green planets produced.

I praise. . . Creative use of things around us for the magic number in maths

I wonder. . If you are excited to write the first draft of your letters tomorrow?

Learning legend for today. . . Emilea Read for super learning across English, Maths and Crew today! A real Motivated Moe!

Super online learning in year 1 today

A great Monday and lots and lots of fabulous working coming in so well done Year 2!! I have enjoyed looking through all of your work today and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the week brings!

Critique for today . . .

I notice. . . lots of variation in representing numbers in maths

I praise. . . a great start to the planning of our letters

I wonder. . . continue with high standards to ensure that our letters to our teacher are top quality!

Learning legend for today is Tobias Martin for super maths learning and using coins and counting them to represent his number! Well done!

Well done girls. You have been real Motivated Moe’s the whole of this week and your work has been of a consistently high standard. Great job!

We notice. . . a fabulous week of learning
We praise. . . really thinking about responses to activities, lots of detail and innovation
We wonder . . . if we can all have a restful weekend so we can have the same high standards next week

Cocoon D’s awesome transition work

Check out the amazing transition work done today by the brilliant children in Cocoon D.  They used water colours to create a patterned hand and I was so impressed with their careful work.  After that they generated words to describe themselves.

Great work guys.  You were all amazing!

Well done both of you for your lovely hand print work today.

Lots of thought and effort went into your work and you really explored the qualities you feel you already possess as well as those you aspire to.


Today’s critique…

We notice. . . amazing attitudes and children really thinking about which learning alien they have been.                                                                                                                                    We praise. . . some really creative hand designs with beautiful, positive words to show us your best qualities!                                                                                                                  We wonder . . . if we can make Friday the best day so far for awesome learning and attitudes?

Amber for fantastic effort today and really thinking about your learning all week.

Luna for going above and beyond in your transition activities.

Fab Motivated Mo attitudes girls. Well done.

Today’s critique…

I notice. . . some more faces on hangouts this morning!
I praise. . . everyone has been  producing great work and lots of  engagement on classrooms
I wonder. . .  Could we send in our crew song lyric photo before 11 am tomorrow?


Mrs Wallace has told me all about your fantastic work today Jacob and Emilea. I can’t wait to get home so ‘i can have a proper look through it all.

You have been real Stick-ability Stans today.

Keep it up!

We notice. . . The effort that all the children are putting into their transition tasks.
We praise. . . the innovative ways in which children are explaining who is in their family
We wonder . . . Would anybody else like to join in on hangouts in the morning-the more the merrier!!!

EPEC – Parent Group Leader Recruitment

Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) is a successful, popular, unique parenting approach.

EPEC is for local parents, led by local parents.

We are currently recruiting parents who would like to become a Empowering Parents, Empowering Communities (EPEC) Group Leaders.

Would like to be part of a new and exciting EPEC Programme coming to Doncaster ?

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I was blown away by your wonderful passage presentations guys!

I’m positive with those reflective attitudes you will smash year 2!

Just brilliant!

Today’s critique…

I notice how well you remember the methods for your maths work

I praise your wonderfully reflective passage presentations

I wonder if you are as excited by our transition activities as we are

Have a great weekend.