Magical maths

Class 8 have been working so hard in maths today. We started by counting in 3’s using maths resources. After we did some repeated addition and linked this to times tables and everyone was working so hard and challenging themselves.


We we are so proud class 8 please keep it up!


From Miss Hilton and Miss O’Neill

Fantastic collaborative writing


Class 8 have done some fantastic collaborative work today in English, they were amazing at supporting each other with writing. It was so lovely to see children helping each other with spellings and not taking over by doing all the work. We were so proud of everyone. Keep this up class 8 we love it.

As a big reward I have bought some extra special treats for tomorrow!

Miss Hilton and Miss O’Neill

Magnificent multiplication in maths


Class 8 have had a fantastic time in maths today. We have done multiplication using pictures of animals. We have shown multiplication as repeated addition. Everyone was having a go and worked really hard. We are so proud of you keep it up.


From miss Hilton and Miss O’Neill



Class 8 have been putting their addition and subtraction skills to the test today. They have worked in groups to answer different questions using maths resources.


well done class 8!


Miss Hilton and Miss O’Neill


Super Learners in Year 2- Time to get ahead ready for our new learning in maths next week! Multiplication and Division!!

Also, here’s a super catchy song to recap on what we were looking at in our SPaG starter today! I want to hear you humming it next time you’re writing to help you remember!

Mrs Faulding, Mrs Burton and Miss Hilton