Holiday photos

As our theme is ‘What’s beyond your garden gate?’ we are looking closely at our local area before extending our geography skills and looking at different areas of the UK, leading on to learning about geographical features in different countries. To link in with our theme, each year 3/4 class has displayed a big world map poster outside of our classrooms- if you would like to, the children can bring a picture in of where they have been on a holiday destination (whether that be a place in England, in Europe, or another country) and we can put these up around the poster.


More amazing learning

In English, we have been using a map of our classroom to find facts all about India as this is one of Phileas Fogg’s (the main character in our class book) destinations as he travels around the world. I’m sure the children will be able to remember a fact or two to tell you if you ask them!

Class 10’s raffle success!

Well done to this weeks winners- Travis, Roan and Ellis!

Raffle tickets can be earned for many things such as: trying super hard with your learning, following the ‘S’ rule, being kind to others, sitting smartly, showing teamwork, keeping your work-space tidy, AR quizzes, and much more!

Remember – the more raffle tickets you get, the more chance you will have of winning one of three prizes on Friday.

You have all done amazing this week Class 10 and you should all be really proud of yourselves! The raffle will restart on Monday. Have a great weekend! 🙂

Around the World in 80 Days!

Class 10 have solved the jigsaw and figured out the title of our class book! They have all predicted what they think will happen in the story, who they think the characters might be, when it was set, and have made some judgements based on the blurb. I can’t wait to start reading it with you all next week!

Class 10’s amazing art!

The amazing class 10 proudly showing off their fabulous sketching! Miss Cooper and I are so impressed with everyone’s efforts this afternoon. Class 10 took into account the different ways of showing light and dark, where to hold the pencil to ensure they get smooth lines, and the many techniques of shading. You superstars!