Home Learning 🎨

A big well done to Archie on producing this amazing piece of home learning over the last few days. Linked to our new expedition Archie has created St Nicholas’ Church out of boxes paying lots of attention to detail. My favourite part are the stained glass windows- they’re beautiful!

Keep up the amazing efforts Archie- you’ve earned 50 housepoints. Don’t forget to put them on!

Mrs Faulding

All about the money!

In Maths, we are focussing on recognising money and adding different coins together to make a certain amount.

I wonder…to help us with our maths vocabulary…

What other words can you think of that mean the same as ‘add’.

Write as many as you can think of in your homework and show Mrs Faulding/Mrs Burton for extra housepoints and a biscuit!

Let’s see what you can remember!

Mrs Faulding

We ❤️ to Read!

So blown away by all of the Motivated Moe’s that we have got in our class this week. Today the children worked with a partner to read a piece of text linked to our new story and took it in turns to listen to one another, and also tead it together. This is a great way of building confidence within reading and developing fluency.

Also, can I just say a massive WOW!!!! To all of the book packs that we had handed in today to be changed. An amazing 17 packs were brought back, which means lots of raffle tickets have been put in to the jar for the luxury reading hamper. KEEP IT UP YOU SUPERSTARS! Can we get 20 handed in on Friday?

Thank you to the grown ups at home for always supporting us.

Mrs Faulding

Buddy Reading 📚

Monday afternoon kicked off the first of our Buddy Reading sessions with children from Mr Ambler’s class in Year 5.

After our pledges last week to improve our reading and understanding of different texts, the children are keen to work hard in every way possible and can’t wait to read with some of the older children from our school.

We are so lucky that a group of children from year 5 have volunteered to do this with us on a Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  Thank you so much!!

Let’s show them how amazing we are guys 🌟

Mrs Faulding


Book Hook- Beegu


What a spooky start to our week! We had a UFO crash land just outside our classroom!  

After that, the children put together the pieces of the puzzle to create the front cover of our new book ‘Beegu’. They wrote their predictions of what our new text will be about and how does it link to the flying saucer outside our classroom? 🛸

We can’t wait to read the book to find out more and see if their predictions were correct!

Mrs Faulding

Exciting new reading challenge!

Classes 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8 are beginning an exciting new reading challenge competition!

Starting tomorrow, Friday the 10th of January, everytime your child brings their reading pack into school to be changed they will receive a raffle ticket. Once every 4 weeks a lucky winner from each class will win a SUPER READER HAMPER full of prizes. The more your child reads at home, the more chances they will have of winning the monthly prize!

So come on! Get out those reading packs and get reading!!!

Brilliant drawings!

After our walk today the children were challenged to sketch any building that took their interest.

Both Ronnie and Erin chose St Nicholas Church. They both sat quietly with tremendous focus on the task and the outcome was fantastic.

Well done girls, we are very proud of you.

Mrs Burton 🙂