Theme Recall!

In theme this week, Class 7 have been looking in to different animal groups, specially focusing on snakes and their features.

Children worked together in groups to put facts in to two groups; true or false.

CHALLENGE- What can you recall?

Who can remember what BRAMF stands for?

Write in your homework book what it stands for and what you know about each one.

Let Mrs Faulding and Mrs Burton know if you’ve completed it so we can check and give you a special treat!

Fraction Fun!

We had so many Connecting Connie’s and Motivated Moe’s in our maths lesson yesterday where we focussed on finding a half, quarter, two quarters and also three quarters of an amount.

The children worked collaboratively using counters and masking tape to answer their questions. It was so much fun!!

This wasn’t an easy task but I was so impressed with the children’s resilience and determination to get the light bulb moment! 💡

Keep it up super stars!!

Mrs Faulding

Half Term Home Learning

Extremely impressed with all of the homework that we have been handed in this week! Class 7 have been very busy during their two weeks off!! Well done!

A special mention to Freya, Oscar, Eve and Isla on their WOW creations that you can see in the pictures. From bird feeders, to bird nest, to an autumnal tree (with real leaves), to a ferocious Lion! Each piece is so unique and wonderful and must have taken you so much time. 20 housepoints to you all!

Mrs Faulding 😊

Anti-Bullying Week

Next week is national anti-bullying week which we will be celebrating again this year as a school.  Odd socks day – Show and express your true self and individuality on Tuesday 12th November 2019!  The crazier the better, let’s all sparkle and shine together 🙂

Odd Socks Day Banner

What is it?

Most importantly, Odd Socks Day is designed to be fun! It’s an opportunity to encourage people to express themselves and celebrate their individuality and what makes us all unique!

For more information and resources for you guys at home and to help with any concerns linked to cyber-bullying and e-safety – check out their official website link here  !

Poppy Appeal

Poppy appeal items will be on sale all Thursday and Friday this week they will be brought round to classes by school councilors but can also be purchased at break and lunch times in class 12.

All items available are 50p from the box or any donation for a paper poppy.

We thank you for your continued support!