UK vs Brazil

In our expedition lessons this week, we have been looking at a comparison between the United Kingdom and Brazil. We have discussed how the different climate and physical features of each country affect the way in which the people living there behave. The children have been working collaboratively and making comparisons between the two countries.

The Daily Mile…let’s do this!!!

Today, Year 6 started their day off right!!! We’ve reintroduced the daily mile in to our day as part of our crew sessions.

We want to promote those healthy lifestyles and increase our heart rates after such a long time off from school. After lockdown, we have discussed the positives from running the daily mile such as boosting our mental health, reducing child obesity and giving people the freedom back to exercise outside and be free.

Well done everyone! You all tried really hard and took it at your own pace. We are excited for tomorrow’s daily mile!

#crew #wearecrew

Election Time!

Today the children have been holding an election for a post on the school council. The children presented their ideas to the rest of the class before being questioned by their fellow classmates on what they could offer them as the class representative. Everyone produced a fantastic speech and showed so much confidence by speaking to the rest of the class. I am proud of everyone who applied for the role! I would, however, like to congratulate Jak, who was elected to be the class representative by his peers. Well done, I think you will do a brilliant job!

What should we do with the rainforest?

This week, the children have been preparing to debate the question, “What should we do with the rainforest?” We have looked at different points of view and analysed how different decisions can can affect people, animals and the world in different ways. I was particularly impressed with how well the children did when presenting their answers to the rest of the class.

Climate Change

In our expedition today, we have been looking at climate change and the effect that it is having on our planet. The children engaged really well and came up with some fantastic answers and ideas!


Amazing artwork!

In art, the children have been sketching images of different animals. We used half of the animals face and created a mirror image on the other side. We have also been creating collages to show the effects of plastic pollution. I think the children have done a fantastic job!


Map Skills!

Today Crew Taylor have been looking at countries within North and South America. We sorted through the different countries and tried to put in them in the correct place using the maps they had been given. Despite it being a difficult task, each group collaborated really well together, sharing the jobs and managing to complete the task on time. Well done to everyone, I was really impressed with your map reading skills!

Let’s get hooked!

Today, Crew Taylor have made a start to our expedition, ‘How can we help the world we live in?’ We have started by looking at rainforests and are beginning to understand the different layers within them, from the forest floor, right through to the emergent layer at the top. We have also looked at some of the wonderful wildlife and plant life that make up our magnificent rainforests. We can’t wait to discover more as we go forward!