Drinks bottles

Good evening,

I’ve been telling the children a while that we will no longer be using cups. If possible, could your child have their own drinks bottle for school as I think this will work better to be honest.

Thank you Mr Oldridge


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Class 11’s goings on

From left to right and top to bottom. Ava and Grace have earned awards for their dance performances, Alexsis has been doing loads of home learning – I particularly like her column method practice (which children have really benefited from practising at home), Oliver has had more grading success as he makes his way towards being a mighty black belt. Well done to you all!


Good morning,

As a text message has said, unless you are told otherwise your child should dress as an Austrian villager. (this could be just a check shirt or your child could wear braces etc) A cleaning cloth would also be a great prop for a couple of the songs. Some of the villagers will have speaking parts. Your child will bring home his or her lines tonight.

The following children are narrators and should wear school uniform with something Christmasy (you can go as christmasy as you wish). Rily W, Charley B, Jake B, Levi D, Alexis C, Lexi S-S.

The following children are kings: Lenayha A and Ava T (the school does have costumes, but you are welcome to get your own).

Thank you,

Mr Oldridge

Class 11’s reading crew

On Fridays, Class 11 have been reading to residents at Parklands. They have really appreciated the opportunity and have done it justice with their super reading which has even stretched to practising at school and asking people which genre of book they would prefer to have read.

Well done, we’re very proud of you and your confidence class 11.

1st to ten!!

These two deserve an extra special mention from the year 3 4 crew! They have been checking books out left right and centre and are both (jointly) the first to read and return 10 books! Incredible guys. Super proud of you both!  You will receive your prize very soon … It’s in the post!

Everyone else keep checking out books, the next 3 to return 10 will also receive a prize!