Extend your learning, Crew Mumby

Next week we embark on our second case study of History. Specifically looking at the Doncaster Plant Works in preparation for our product that will be placed at Thorne South Station. Check out the clips below from our Trust school XP. The clips contain expert information that will support us in our non-chronological report writing.


Incredible home learning!

I have been completely overwhelmed with the quality of homework produced in Crew Mumby! From amazing pictures of the Hogwarts Express to creating wands, every piece of homework has greatly impressed me. The 3 children above have spent a considerable amount of time crafting their wands, adding intricate detailing and patterns. I’m hoping we get a spare bit of time so they can show me how to do it! Well done guys- keep up your motivated attitude!

Wonderful writing from Crew Mumby

Ethan has worked incredibly hard during our last literacy cycle to produce this superb piece of writing. Ethan considered purposeful adjectives, used figurative language and added clauses into his setting description of Hogwarts. Ethan was inspired by our recent field visit to Harry Potter Studios and wrote passionately of his first hand experiences. I’m very proud- Well done!!

Division Challenge!

Class 15 here is your challenge!

  1. 252 divided by 4
  2. 261 divided by 3
  3. 369 divided by 9

For the next 3 questions can you give me the answer as a decimal? See the clip below if you need a quick refresh!

4) 25 divided by 4

5) 30 divided by 4

6) 123 divided by 2


GOOD LUCK GUYS- Comment below with your answers for house points!


Year 6: Developing chemistry knowledge!

As part of case study 1 in our theme ‘Do You Understand The Magic of Motion?’, children have been studying chemistry to study reversible and irreversible changes. In this experiment, children were tasked with separating materials through using different processes such as filtration. Our next steps are now to look at how steam was used to power trains during the industrial revolution. We will discuss the how energy is made from the coal and we will link this to our reversible and irreversible knowledge.

This was our critique from the lesson:

I notice…We learnt how to separate two substances (Kenzie)

I praise…We used materials to filter our liquid to make it cleaner (Hattie)

I wonder…try different equipment as filters