Amazing adjectives!

We have watched a small clip of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the children first saw the inside of the factory. Look at how many adjectives and expanded noun phrases Crew Thurkettle can come up with!!! I can’t wait to see you use these fabulous ideas in your writing!! x

Giant chocolate!!

Wowww! I am so so impressed with Crew Thurkettle for showing some fabulous teamwork and collaborative skills when making our 3d, giant bags of chocolate! Click on the last 3 pictures to see the amazing work which they have produced … and just look at them proud faces!!! xx


Immersing our classroom!

Below are a selection of photos of Crew Thurkettle doing some amazing learning and also creating some lovely pictures, making lollipops, and  drawing some sketches to put up in our classroom! I have to say everyone- our classroom is looking preettyyy awesome!!!

English hook!

Year 4 have been following a set of instructions to make a delicious sandwich! Our first English cycle is instruction writing so what better way to hook us into our English learning than to make and eat some foooood!!!! Over the past couple of weeks I have been very impressed with the children’s knowledge of nouns, adjectives, adverbs, time openers, and imperative verbs! Really impressed Class 13 keep up the amaaazzinggg work xx

Roman Numerals

We have been doing some fabulous learning with our Roman Numerals work this week! We are really getting to grips with the different numerals and Crew Thurkettle have done a smashing job with the Tarsia task below. They were able to work collaboratively as a group in order to solve the Roman Numerals. I am super impressed guys! 😀 xx

Year 4 Google Classroom

Hi Year 4

We have set up a new online classroom for year 4 where you can access homework, key information and learning. All children should have received and email inviting you to join the classroom. Everyone has a new login for their emails but should have the same password.


Once you have joined, leave us a comment so we can see who is on. Look forward to seeing you all there.

Mr Mumby, Miss Thurkettle and Mr Oldridge

Super work!

Some more amazing learning and super work produced by Crew Thurkettle this week! They are absolutely blowing me away! They have created some beautiful illustrations of a story which we have read and have been creating their very own learning aliens! The children have tried really hard with this and have thought carefully about how their learning alien can help students in school…. I absolutely love them!

Fabulous year 4s!!

Wow. Week 1? Smashed ittt! So proud of everyone for having a super first week in year 4! We have been extremely busy learning about the sun moon and stars; the children have listened to, discussed, and retold stories linking to our first learning slice, they have produced some great anchor charts to support them with their learning as well as creating some gorgeous pieces of artwork, they have created posters explaining the characteristics of crew and have even completed some crew building sessions and maths sessions!!! A very busy 3 days! Crew Thurkettle have blown me away with their maturity and readiness for year 4 and I could not be any more excited about the rest of the year! Keep up the fab work guys xx