Thanks to all who have entered the pumpkin competition. The deadline for entries is 12pm today. Unfortunately any entries received after this time will not be part of the judging. One winner per phase will be announced and all entries will receive a small treat on their return to school next Monday. Details of the competition are below:

🎃🍁🍂Happy half term 🎃🍁🍂

At Green Top we are sad that family learning can’t take place as it would usually in our classrooms and therefore we have pledged to have a family learning activity each half term for the whole school community to get involved with.

The first family learning challenge will be a ‘Carve or Decorate your own pumpkin’ competition. This competition will be judged on 31st October. There can be one entry per child and all entries must be entered by a photograph sent to familylearning@greentopschool.org by the 12pm Tuesday 27th October. As photographs are entered they will be blogged on the website for all to see. All students who enter will receive a ‘treat’ on their return to school on 2nd November.

In addition one winner will be selected from each phase. Winners will be announced on October 31st.

Our little legend Layla!

Give it up for ourrr Layylaaaaa who got dancer of the week last week!! What a superstar! Crew Thurkettle are all really proud of you! 🙂 xx

If you have got any achievements or anything that you want to share that you have been doing at home then please email them to me! We all love to see what everyone has been up to! 😀

Applying our maths learning to make games!


Last week, we applied our maths learning and used our new knowledge and skills to make a multiplying and dividing by 10 and 100 board game! Every group did a really great job- the designs looked fabulous, I saw some super teamwork, and the questions which the children generated to add into each section were awesome! Great job guys 🙂 xx

Relaxed readers!

Class 13 loving their reading area!!

In class 13, we like to be very cosy and relaxed so we thought why not make our Accelerated Reader sessions super chilled?! Safe to say it’s a hit! We would love it to have a more cosy feel with cushions and blankets, but for now we are keeping in line with COVID guidelines and everything is wipe-able and safe 🙂

Crew Thurkettle are absolutely blowing me away with their reading and quizzing; keep it up everyone! You may have heard it mentioned by the children that at the end of next term, we will be giving away a voucher to our star reader! The children know what they need to do in order to win this voucher… I think its going to be a close one!!


Fabulous homework and home learning!

Big shoutout to Ruby, Henry, Bradley, Summer-Mai, Oliver, Miriam, and Ruby for the super work which they have been sending pictures of! We have got a range of expedition and maths learning. You have all done absolutely super! Keep up the fabulous work. 50HPs from Mr Mumby, Mr Oldridge, Mrs Shaw and Miss Thurkettle 😀

Keep an eye on our classroom to see some super learning, school updates, and more! Also, our homework menu is on there too if you feel like you want to complete some extra learning:)


D+T in class 13.

I was blown away by class 13’s amazing D+T skills and knowledge on Friday! We had lots of discussions around the purpose of packaging and which materials are more successful than others, we then disassembled some packaging to break them down into their nets, we identified 2d and 3d shapes, and then we build our own packaging from given nets! Busy busy busy! Everyone did a fantastic job. Super impressed. 🙂

And our last picture is of Travis for his amazing reading this week! We are all so proud of him, and his crew thought he was very worthy of star reader this week 🙂 xx

Conversation Starter

Do you ever ask your child what they’ve been learning this week only to get told ‘nothing’ or ‘I can’t remember’.

To try and help with this, each year group will share a specific question each week about that weeks learning to try and help get the conversation going. 

Let us know if it’s useful and helps children talk about their learning. 


Amazing adjectives!

We have watched a small clip of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory where the children first saw the inside of the factory. Look at how many adjectives and expanded noun phrases Crew Thurkettle can come up with!!! I can’t wait to see you use these fabulous ideas in your writing!! x

Giant chocolate!!

Wowww! I am so so impressed with Crew Thurkettle for showing some fabulous teamwork and collaborative skills when making our 3d, giant bags of chocolate! Click on the last 3 pictures to see the amazing work which they have produced … and just look at them proud faces!!! xx