Year 2’s Online Learning Platform

Hello Year 2


Our new online classroom is up and running. A place where you can access expedition homework, key information, daily learning slides for maths, English, phonics and expedition, learning links and other resources to help you get ahead in your learning. The children should have received an email inviting them to join their new classroom at their new email address.





Why not log in via the classroom symbol above and leave us a comment to let us know you have been successful. Looking forward to seeing you there!


Miss Rodgers, Mrs Jackson and Mrs Wallace

Emma-Jane’s Aeroplane Feel, Think, Say

Some really thoughtful work today from Class 7 as they listened to our class text, Emma-Jane’s Aeroplane and empathised with the characters to decide what they were feeling, thinking and saying at certain points in the story. Andra was our Learning Legend with these amazing sentences based on her ideas.

I’m sure you will agree her work is pretty impressive.

Great job!


Class 7 Superstars

What a fantastic start to the week we have had in Class 7. Not only have we studied the history of the bicycle and learned about the many changes in design that it has undergone over the years to make it safer and more comfortable, but Cody and Elise were 2 of only 5 children in the whole of Year 2 to figure out a very tricky reasoning problem in our Addition and Subtraction Blast Off.

Macey was today’s learning legend for her fantastic Motivated Mo attitude in her phonics work with Mrs Miller this morning. All that practising is paying off. Well done.

Also pictured here are our winners from Thursday, Frankie and Aoife, who got their awards for great sentence work and amazing sketching of a Spitfire respectively.

Keep up the good work Superstars!


Learning Superstars

Here are Monday and Tuesday’s learning legends from Class 7, Cohen and Josephine.

Both Children have really impressed Mrs Miller and I with their fantastic effort and real crew attitudes and learning habits. Great role models for the rest of Crew Rodgers.

Great job guys!

Reflecting on our Learning

Class 7 have spent the afternoon reflecting on the work we have done this week to immerse ourselves in our exciting new expedition. We considered the different activities we have participated in this week…making traffic lights from paper plates, creating bi-planes from lolly pop sticks and pegs, assembling craft straws to represent the frames of bicycles and working collaboratively to sort pictures of transportation vehicles according to how they travel…and thought carefully about the skills we needed to employ to carry out these tasks. I continue to be amazed by the mature way you are reflecting on your learning Class 7 and I am extremely proud of each and every one of you.

Well done to today’s Learning Legend Andra who was a real Can-Do-Colin when drawing her very realistic bicycle. Great job Andra!

Some of Class 7’s Hook Week Activities

Class 7 have been busy immersing ourselves in our new expedition ‘How have the changes in transport made our journey’s safer?’.

We have discussed what we know about transport and named and sorted some vehicles according to how they move. We also thought about the 3 case studies we will be learning about and identified some of the skills we will need to employ to get the most out of our learning.

See below for photos of two of the craft activities we have enjoyed so far.

Massive congratulations to our first 2 learning legends of this week Marcus and Victoria. Both of you have really impressed Mrs Miller and I with your mature attitudes and the excellent learning behaviours you have shown.

Keep it up superstars!

Awesome Starry Night Artwork

Class 7 continue to amaze me with the fantastic work they are doing linked to our mini-expedition, Sun, Moon and Stars. Today they critiqued the famous Vincent Van Gogh painting, Starry Night and, I’m sure you will agree, produced a wonderful interpretation of it to be displayed in our class.

Take a look at the images of their work in progress and the finished piece below…

Well done to today’s Learning Legend Lilly, who has been a Motivated Mo asking and answering some really tricky questions.

Great job Angel!

Keep it up!

Another great day!

Hello everyone.

Another fantastic day was had by us all again today in Class 7. We had lots of chances to use our phonic skills while completing our transition activities this morning and learned a new song this afternoon. We are all trying very hard to remember our new keeping safe routines and have made a set of class norms to help us remember these as well as those relating to our learning.

We have listened to everyone who was in class read over the past two days and have assigned new book bands to most children. We will begin to send out reading packs next week. Books will be changed on Tuesday’s and Friday’s like last year. Thanks to everyone who has continued to practise reading skills with the children during lock down. Your efforts really have made a difference!


Our learning legend today is Cohen who was a Can do Colin in all his tasks. Well done Cohen. Keep up the good work.

Class 7’s Awesome First Day

What a fantastic first day we have had in Class 7!

We have been very busy reminding ourselves of place value in Maths ending with some very thoughtful self-critique. We worked collaboratively while observing social distancing to generate and answer questions about the sun, moon and stars and even imitated the movements of the sun and moon with some very graceful actions.

I was blown away by how sensible and mature you all were in following our guidelines to keep everyone safe now we are all back together in school.

Well done to our first Learning Legend of the year Luna, who was a Connecting Connie today, making links with what she found out today to her previous learning.

Awesome start Class 7. It’s great to have you back!