Fabulous touchdown writing in Crew Myers! ✏️

Today, we have been super busy editing, improving and writing up our final touchdown.

I have been absolutely blown away by how everyone has completely immersed themselves into the life of Mary Prince and her experiences of slavery. What a super job of using your historian knowledge to capture her life.

We really focussed on using the rubric, models and checklists to help peer critique and give useful feedback and this proved so useful when the final draft was completed! Lots of proud faces in Crew Myers this afternoon and all very well deserved.
An added shoutout to Ronnie and Leo for receiving our learning postcards today too 💫

Year 3 and 4 Family Learning

Are you ready to face Lady Overson and Lord Mumby? Will you be hired? The Apprentice has arrived at Green Top.

Join us on Thursday 19th May to see if you have what it takes to be hired in each crew. Arrive at the office at 1:30pm and be prepared to receive your brief. You will have a number of tasks to complete before pitching your final product. Finally, an anonymous vote will take place to see who will be hired. We will finish at 3pm.

We look forward to seeing you all there.

Can you help us?

We are hoping for each child to have 2 glass jars that they can use as part of their final product so we would like to start collecting them as soon as possible to ensure that we get enough.

We would like to continue supporting our last expedition ‘How can we protect our beautiful planet?’ By reusing glass jars rather than buying them new so if you could please help us with this, we would greatly appreciate it!

Ideally, we would like jars in similar sizes to these shown in the picture, nothing too small though. A pasta sauce jar or jam jar etc would be perfect. Additionally, we would like for these to be brought in to school washed and clean please along with the labels removed.

Also, if you’ve already sent your two jars in for your child but have more that you’d like to donate then of course, feel free as we will be more than happy to make use of them or to distribute them out to anyone who hasn’t got one.

Thank you in advance for your continued support! We can’t wait to share this product with you soon.

Year 3 and 4 Team

Who is Equiano? Hot Seating Activity

Last week, we enjoyed building our knowledge of Equiano and our class text by having a Hot Seat activity. Our Crew asked some awesome questions linking to slavery and our characters used inferences from the text and really immersed themselves into what it would have been like for Equiano. This also helped everyone to write some beautiful diary entries and letters based on the events of his life. Huge shout out to the people who were Equiano, you showed great courage and understanding of his life.

National Numeracy Day – 18th May

We are looking forward to celebrating National Numeracy Day on Wednesday 18th May!

Maths is all around us and in the run up to National Numeracy Day, I would love for you to take some photos of you that link to maths! Maybe it will be a picture of you using money to pay for something in the shop, maybe it will be of how many steps you have walked in a day, or maybe it will be of you practising your maths skills!

How creative can you be finding maths around your home and in the community? Please send all of your photographs to [email protected] so that I can make a video to celebrate maths!

Also, check out the official website (link below) because there are lots of fun activities that you can do with your children!


National Numeracy Day | National Numeracy

Building Background Knowledge- Time!

We’ve just started a new unit of work on Time in year 4.

We have covered some of this in Maths Talk, as well as in our maths lessons over the last couple of days but have a go at some of these and either fetch them in to your teacher or take a photo and put them on the classroom (they will be uploaded on there as well). We can’t wait to hand out some HoWL points!

Here are also some helpful links to some tutorials on time too…